I received emails in my email account telling me about a transfer and 2 mobile deposits that I did not make. In the email it says, if this was not you please call and let us know so I did this as soon as I got the email to tell them it was not me.

All funds we still in my account from the deposits when I called them, but they still let the transfer go out. Now they are saying that I have a negative balance on my account and that I owe them money and need to pay it. They claim that they were investigating what happened the day that I called and not even 24 hours later, they claim they had completed the investigation and I owe them money. I have talked to several people who claim that they are in the fraud department and they each tell me something different and when I bring up what the last person said to me the try to change their story and get upset.

They do not care how long you have been a customer with them or your positive history with them. They just want money. I have talked with other past customers of theirs and they have had similar experiences.

I will not do business with them again. I have an additional account and have never received this kind of treatment in my life.

User's recommendation: HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Same has happened to me.


Let me guess: you called the number in the email or used a search engine.

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