No help for weeks after car totaled. No help for weeks when tornado took roof.

Screwed up my credit cards. USAA has gone downhill since the switch to add more people and had enlisted to join. Nothing against enlisted but the company grew exponentially. So sad and I imagine that my hero husband us turning over in his grave.

I will be switching to a company that I can trust and rely on. I have never been late on payments and everything has been drafted. I wont switch credit cards right now as it could hurt my credit. It is sad to see that a once prominent and caring company has turned into a liability.

You have nice people working for USAA but your board is doing so poor that I would not rate it one star. Kathleen Pedigo, a once proud member since 1963

User's recommendation: Skip USAA.

Location: Houston, Texas

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One or two incidents might be due to them, but three or more is on you only.


Yes, after being with them 55 years my bank account was closed by their TOTAL SCREWUPS... Screwups they read on the phone to my wife and I...

They promised Supervisors and RESPONSE TEAM would call back by end of day... it has now been 6 days.... they also refused calibration installation on my windshield... I even had SPECIAL WINDSHIELD COVERAGE!

That cost me $1200.

See my post 9/10/2020. Maybe an attorney should file a CLASS ACTION

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