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I been a USAA member for 8 years and never had been accused of any fraud. In June of 2014 my debit card was stolen and used at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Once I saw my card was being used in another state for charges I didn't make I called USAA and canceled the card. I also put a stop to all transactions on the account. I spoke to a usaa representative and they told me I had to go to Chicago, IL look at video from the places the card was used and then to file a report. I am an active duty Army Service member and I could not just up and leave and go to Chicago.

So in December 26 2014 I called back after talking to legal about this situation USAA said i found responsible for the transactions from Chicago, IL. My question is why even have a fraud department if they don't do no investigation and the member of usaa have to do they own investigation. Then they tell me I am responsible for the amount but usaa says they help the soldier the Insurance is more expensive than most then when the service members have identity theft they turn they back and basically say you are screwed and you have to pay back money that was stolen from you.

This is by far the worst I ever been treated by any bank I would not recommended any further business with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Credit Card.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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My home was burglarized in Nov 2018, 5 months later USAA DENIED my claim, claimed fraud, shut down all 6 of my accounts. I filed using my PPV insurance to try and recover at least $10k of my $70k in damage and loss from denied claim.

DENIED AGAIN! During this, I had a no fault car accident, tree branch hit my windshield, DENIED. Over the past 9 years, I have been insured with them and filed 2 accident claims only. I’ve paid over $22,000 in insurance rates, how do they get away with this?

They never even came to my own to investigate my claims. No adjuster ever, and California law says they have 30-60 days, not close to 6 months to deny my claim.

Please help me, I’m disabled (mental disorders) and I feel discriminated against. I also can’t get anyone to insure me now and might lose my house.


Report this to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They will make sure USAA performs a timely and thorough investigation


I called today and customer service incompetent. No concern by usaa that I had alleged bank account and a 2nd email account suspended!

I called in and was asked service dates and *** stated I did not answer question correctly!

Humiated I still do not know who fraudulently owned a Ck for account in my name nor did they (usaa) offer to assist.

I am not responsible nor did I ask for this service!


Had a similar situation and you are right usaa no longer helps its members. They are worse than any bank or credit card company. You are on your own.


I recently had the same issues and their "fraud" department found me liable for the funds that were stolen. They then decided to absorb my direct deposit even AFTER they received a request to have it reversed.

The fact that this keeps happening to members is ridiculous and they basically have autonomy because they are only located in ONE state. I'm over them at this point.


Today I wanted to make reservations at a hotel in Melbourne Florida for April 28th to May 12 because I have to have surgery . I called this # 877-527-2062 " The Holiday Inn Express " .

A young man answered and so I proceeded to book with him . The total came to $1859.20 . He gives me a conformation # , I told him I couldn't pay for it until the first of the month . He said he needed the Credit Card information to hold the reservation .

He said I would get the receipt and info sent to me via my email address . after an hour I didn't receive anything in my mailbox . So I called the hotel and gave them the conformation # and they said the # was not in their system and that no reservations were made with them . I called USAA and canceled the card and ordered a new one with a new # .

The guy ran the card 4 times and pulled $22 each time as a booking fee .

Then he tried for the $1859.20 and USAA locked him out of that transaction . Point is , this is a Federal Card and that makes this a Federal Offense and 7 to 15 years in prison when they get him .


My daughter had the same thing happen where someonemade fraudulent withdrawals of over $5,000 dollars and the fraud dept tells us to file a police report. Once we had a claim number we were to call and give it to them.

3 days later we receive letters stating that it was not fraudulent. They froze her accounts and when she calls they say that they are no longer doing business with her.

At this point we don't know what that means. But we are still trying to identify the person do we can prosecute.


Well that what happened what do anybody have to lie for I talked to a lot of different representative and got told a lot of different answers so when I finally got one who had a brain in their head they told me to call the police department in Chicago and soon as I got the info about to call the police department in Chicago I hopped right on it.


There is no way a bank would tell you to do your own investigation


Meaning the complainer is not being truthful, as I suspected.

Many customer complaints are either completely exaggerated or hog wash.


I would have thought as you did . .

. until today. I deposited a check that I thought was "iffy" and I called USAA several days after the deposit to verify the funds had cleared and the check was good. i even told the rep that I did not want to have the check bounce after I used the funds out of my checking.

I was assured that the funds were good and that the check had cleared. Well guess what? The very next day the check did bounce. I called them to verify the check before using the monies and when I called them afterwards I was treated like a *** *** dumb enough to wire money to a stranger in Mexico.

I am out of almost $2000. They used to be a good bank, but times have changed.

I will change too with my business going elsewhere.


Lol. Ikr!


I'm sorry but this doesn't make any sense. Why would USAA's fraud department tell you to go to Chicago? Either that guy is mental or you're not telling the truth.


I reported 'no-doubt' homeowners insurance fraud to them worth tens of thousands of dollars in claims and they couldn't have cared less. I had concrete evidence to provide to them showing it was indeed a fraudulent claim and they treated me like dirt.

Have fun paying those inflated USAA premiums that absorb a lot of fraud (apparently). Former USAA member.