I was actively comparing prices for the new auto and home insurance policies. I had previously spoken to a customer service a year a go and decided to stay with the company that I had.

When, I received this year'ss projected payments I decided to look again into changing companies. The very first words that came out of my mouth were that I gotten my first traffic violation since 1985 in December 2019. I explained that I was traveling behind a tractor trailer truck and inadvertently ran a red light. I ask the customer service rep what if any change would there be to my policy.

I'm a 59.5 year old female with no tickets/ EVER !!!!!. The customer service rep.assured me that there should be no problem with an increased risk or premium because of my age and driving record. I asked him 'Was he sure?' 'Yes, he assured me that there should be no problems. I did have an idea that I might have been given the 'Old Bait and Switch, a few days later I received an initial set of paperwork that had an incorrect amount increasing the premium by almost $200.00.

Of course, I called and was reassured that the discounts had not caught up with the policies. Ok, I can understand that.I mean. I spent 3 plus hours on the phone with this customer service rep. Went over each line of my car insurance, each line of my home Insurance.....what was in it was covered, what was in it, what was considered flood insurance.

Separate hurricane coverage. I'm on a fixed income so each dollar is counted in my budget. Sometimes it comes down between my bills and my medication, so I need to plan ahead. NOW, I'm waiting for my mortgage company to send me their breakdown of my escrow account.

There's no doubt in my mind that USAA was less than honest with quotes there also.

You see their commercials on TV about the service that they provide. That the company takes care of this nations service members past and present, their family members for generations, THEY LYE

User's recommendation: Don't buy insurance from this company unless you have time and money to lose.

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