I have been with USAA for 6 years and the first five were great. But this last year USAA has went down on customer service.

I have applied for 4 loans and be declinded all 4 times from USAA but the three that were turned down by USAA was approved by Service One. USAA states it knows what it means to serve but they can not prove it by me. I think they need to do a consumer check and see the difference they are doing wrong. I have since left USAA and taken my business else where.

I think USAA has done nothing more than use the thinking it is all about the money not the customer.

Because after I got a decline of credit from them they call and the rep stated that they have to watch out for their interest. And that all late payments that were made two years ago on closed account also was used to base their decission.

Tell me what would you do after that and another bank stated we can help. USAA will lose more and more customers and then what is their intrest going to be like.

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Who Know, apparently you can't read.If I had your address I'd send you one of my financial calculators since you apparently don't know how to count. Thanks to Veronica for pointing out your error,


Dear TONYINSATX, it is obvious that USAA is now more than happy to take on higher risk clients. Most unfortunate.

They have instantly lowered themselves below the likes of Allstate and State Farm in Florida. They have increased the premiums by 12% to their loyal customers to finance this latest expansion.



Opps:) I meant January 6, 2009.


To: "Who know"

You need to learn how to read the date. The first post was made on January 1, 2009.


tony you are wise to reply to a 3 year old post maybe he is still reading this.


I was just reading your complaint and just had to comment, given the recession that we're in. It sounds like turning you down was the right thing for USAA to do.

Late payments are a sign of financial stress and/or financial irresponsibility and they factor into one's credit score. Also banks that had loose lending standards made loans to folks who ended up having financial stress and/or were financially irresponsible and that is mainly what has caused the recession that we're in. The majority of those folks defaults on their loans or couldnt keep up w/payments causing the issue. If they had never been approved this would not have happened.

The banks that approve loans to folks that are irresponsible are just giving them rope to hang themselves with. I've been turned down for loans before as well, but if that hadn't happened I'd be up to my eyeballs in debt now. Thank God I'm not and my family is ok.The only times one should take out a loan is 1) when buying a home and 2) MAYBE taking one out to pay for college. Everythingelse should be paid via CASH.

Personally I'm happy that some companies like USAA choose NOT to take higher risk.

Can you imagine what would happened if EVERY bank approved most loan apps and THEN the defaults happened? We would not be in a recession, we'd be in GREAT DEPRESSION II!

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