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Maneuvered to take out USAA car loan?
Maneuvered to take out USAA car loan?
Maneuvered to take out USAA car loan?

Update by user May 04, 2017

I've given up dealing with them. It seems to be only the claims department as other people seem shocked that they are handling claims in such a cold-hearted manner with long-time members. They are just getting too big and when you expand your customer base beyond your...

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Well, I was wrong! After my friends at the garage pulled all the damaged stuff out of the way, the metal plate part at the front corner of the passenger side frame, the part that the bumper and other parts attach to is bent.

But not the "frame" (rail) itself. An expert is going to look at it and if that extended part of the frame can be straightened, it might be recoverable. If not, I'll be parting the truck out and keeping certain improvements recently made to put into a replacement of approximately the same year and engine type.

Have talked with the Claims rep since then and things seem to be cordial again.

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USAA scamming peopel with "teaser" rates that no one every qualifies for.

USAA scamming peopel with "teaser" rates that no one every qualifies for.
Currently their website states 1.9-2.9% on used car loans. I went to get a loan and they refused to offer me that rate. They instead only offered 9.45% and made up excusses that the computer system says that is all I qualify for. I have a 744 credit score. WTF? I had the same issue with credit card from them. I am going to look to swtich to a new bank asap. I even called and spoke with them and it got me no where. They were polite yes but honestly do not care about you at all.
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Have to agree with other commenters. I just recently purchased a used 2007 Hummer and the best rate I got from other financing was 5.9%. I then immediately refinanced with USAA at 2.9% and my credit score is actually less than yours.


USAA is a great company! They have guidelines and parameters for loans/lending like any financial institution.

Lots of people qualify for the lowest rates, good credit and great credit doesn't mean excellent though.

The credit score isn't the only thing a bank looks at; it's the over all credit profile for the past several years, so pay history, debt to income ratio, and revolving credit usage all need to be in line and support the amount you ask for. The year of the collateral, amount you borrow, and term are the other things that are considered when determining what rate you qualify for.


I agree. Your credit score is your problem With that score you will not find the lowest rate from any bank.

Good luck!


As low as means that it's the lowest rate that the company offers.

"Used car loan rates as low as 1.99% with discount for 36 months or 2.25% with discount for 60 months."

Translation: The cheapest rate we offer for used car loans is 1.99% for 36 months or 2.25% for 60 months. That is the lowest possible rate they offer. That doesn't mean it is the only rate they offer. It doesn't work that way.

You have to qualify for it.


Actually, if you read the advertisement that you copied from the website, it says this:

"Used car loan rates as low as 1.99% with discount for 36 months or 2.25% with discount for 60 months."

I see nothing about "1.9-2.9%" on used car loans.

It says AS LOW AS. Meaning that's the lowest your rate could be depending on your credit history.

It's not USAA's fault you can't read.


My last vehicle loan with USAA was at 1.5% I also recently got their lowest advertised mortgage rate. A 744 credit score is not "excellent".

Mine is 815 and that is still not the best. Sounds like you (your credit rating, credit history, income, income to debt ratio ???) is the problem not USAA.

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