USAA is apparently on the march to mediocrity.At least in their financial section that provides for building or trading in a portfolio.

They were pretty good before but now the site really, totally stinks. I can't find a stock's expiration date, the type it is. whether monthly or quarterly, whether or not its a MLP or, well you get it.

They replaced semi-quality with dumbed down and mundane presentations of circle graphs and a follow page that is so completely useless it would be laughable had I not lost time and money trying to figure it out.Moving all to another financial site.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Morehead City, North Carolina, United States #768019

On December 2nd I tried to edit a stock order without success that I had previously ordered. Something I have done before with the previous website before it was "improved!" With the new website I could not edit the previous order. Finally I called and the order was changed by USAA staff for me. USAA was made aware that this glitch existed.

Today (Jan 3, 2014)I also made them aware of another problem in the "investment tools section for research" on their website. Two stock quotes I requested gave me information for entirely different stocks.

Today I had the same issue today. Plus again, I could not edit a previous order myself. USAA tried to edit it like I had tried without success. Then I got switched around three more times on the phone without any success. The last phone transfer took me back to the first menu I had gotten when I first called.

It won't take me long to choose another brokerage if this site isn't prepared soon.

New York City, New York, United States #757032

:( absolutley true! their new site stinks to high ***!

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