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This team is specifically set up to help with banking after the loss of a loved one, however they created more problems and difficulties than they have solved. It took four attempts to get a Letter of Instruction completed following the directions of the USAA Survivors Relations Team personnel each time to get my wife’s accounts transferred to me.

They were incorrect about how to go about getting the transfer to take place and I ended up talking to the JAG on base to get resolution. I asked them for all the reoccurring charges and ACH deductions she had from her account and they didn’t provide an inclusive list and now I am dealing termination notices from the phone company and several online services, I can’t wait for more of that fun, sending a death certificate and letter to transfer the account over to my payment account. Then they transferred my wife’s auto loan over to a collection agency even though I had the money in the account to pay it off in addition they never sent be a bill to give me an opportunity to pay it off. Dealing with a collection agency is a lot like having a tooth extracted, I am trying to figure out why they would sent it to anyone outside USAA without talking to the customer first and see what they wanted to do, besides it was put in the Letter of Instruction that USAA had me sent in 4 times with a 5 to 7 day period between them.

I am back at work now to and taking care of three children while dealing with the aggravation that the Survivors Relations Team creates trying to get closure with my wife’s passing. I the same period I have dealt with three life insurance companies and have had good to great customer service (Northwest Mutual being great) and they were paying out money not transferring money around in accounts to the same family customer at the same address with multiple homes and accounts together.

This defiantly isn’t the same company I joined 20 years ago. It is probably time to start looking at alternative options because this isn’t getting better anytime soon based on the worker and supervisors I have been dealing with (Noor and Anthony to name a couple) at the Survivors Relations Team.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am truly sorry for your loss. Your letter has convinced me to get out now because I don't want my children to have to go through what you now are.

This company has gone downhill in the last 35 years. I find them deplorable.

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