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I've been banking with USAA for many years now. Starting 5/17/2019, Friday, I tried to deposit a check using USAA's app Deposit@Mobile feature. The app refused to start; USAA had pushed an update to my phone (I have updates set to manual, so I don't know how they did that) that is incompatible with my device (Note3). I called and talked with support, who said that I need to purchase a new phone, then wished me a happy birthday and ended the call. I called back several times trying to find alternate ways to deposit; they don't have deposit ATMs within 100 miles, and their Deposit@Home web service refused my check many, many times for unspecified reasons. I needed this money for rent soon, so mailing is not an option. During this process I called at least 5 times, with none of their service reps knowing all of the ways to deposit (but they all wished me a happy birthday).

Finally on Saturday I found an $800 phone I could borrow (but not afford to buy) from a friend, and deposited my check. USAA's app helpfully informed me that 85% of my deposit would be held until the 26th, 8 days later, 4 days after my rent is due.

I called several more times, with reps saying there was nothing they could do (but they all wished me a happy birthday, again). Finally I got one to escalate to their executive team. The executive team member said that, because I haven't had on average an equal amount in my account as the deposited amount, they are required to hold it for some unspecified amount of time, and that there was nothing she could do about it. She also said this may or may not happen with all future deposits, and that the best she could do was to transfer me to their loan department to try and get a loan from them. She also wished me a happy birthday! How nice!

Lessons learned: USAA will only support you if you have a lot of income and purchase the new device of the week. They will not support you if you are a veteran with PTSD who's had a difficult time readjusting to civilian life. USAA is, however, great at wishing you a happy birthday as you struggle to pay rent!

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Deposit.

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