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I work for USAA and I can rest assure you. That you are 1 in a million.

I prcess about 1oo loan a month. Some are easy and some are very hard and frustrating. It sunds like there was a miss communication between the originator, processor and management. Even more so a unexperienced processor.

#1. A good Faith Estimate is always collected up front no matte what. #2. You will be rufunded the Good Faith Estimate given that the loan completes the process and te closing documents are signed.

At any time that you might withdraw are be denied; once the appraisal has been done the will be no monies refunded back to loan applicant. #3. Loan applicant always pays for the closing until it is stipulated with the title company which in turn wil adjust he HUD1 settlement to reflect thatthe seller i paying the closing cost. That is the last part of the process and is not done till the end.

Now, I can not remember off the top o my head all the requirements are disabled veterans. But if there was miscommunication and mistake was made on our end, I do apologize.

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TuWow do you have spell check? Usaa is really bad for hiring you. You have single handedly proven to me how bad the company is by your lack of spelling GO GET A DICTIONARY!!!!!


Well, make it 2 in a million. My closing date as changed 3 times and is still in limbo.

I traveled thousands of miles to attend the closing on the date scheduled because several USAA reps assured me everything was in order for the scheduled closing date. As the first closing date passed, I received requests from my second USAA mortgage processor (unsure what happened to my initial processor) for additional banking information (note that USAA had months to finalize the loan). I have still not closed and am in to my second week holed up in a cold, crummy apartment waiting. I have had to cancel my HHG, several local purchase deliveries, and many other pre-move services.

My Realtor said that this is not uncommon with USAA, but mine being the worse so far.

I now wish I had researched the complaints with USAA's service, but having been with USAA for over 30 years, who would have known. I am now looking for other banking services because of this.


Sad to say, disgruntled clients of USAA simply ARE NOT 1 in a million. Only someone working at USAA would say that.

My closing date was 11-10-10 and at 5:30pm on 11-09-10 the processor calls to say she forgot to ask for such and such documents. Seriously? USAA has extended my closing date 3 times now. I have since contacted a local bank to take over.

Enough BS with USAA loan processors that DO NOT CARE about customers enough to call them back. Think your loan processor cares? ASK Nicole Malec - USAA loan processor for VA loans in AZ office. She posted on her FaceBook that she cannot stand USAA customers and that we all b&tch and moan - she doesn't care if we close on time.

Yet three post later she raves about how she just closed on her home, she got a new care and had a new baby!

Hey Nicole Malec - don't ever let me see you in a dark alley!!!


We have been trying to close on a home for three months with USAA!!! It has been a nightmare. They waited until the end of the closing date twice then asked for even more documents that most banks would never ask has been horrible.


I don't accept empty apologies. If you are sorry you admit fault, so give me my money back...

I still say my money was taken fraudulently. According to the the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act that went into effect on July 30,2009, a closing date should not be scheduled until the borrower has completed the seven day waiting period as required by the initial TIL (truth in lending) and Lenders are FORBIDDEN from collecting money for appraisals, loan application, etc prior to the delivery of the the TIL. if the TIL is sent via mail then additional charges can occur after the 3rd BUSINESS day after the borrower receives the TIL in the mail.

You waited .5 days. since my loan processor has difficulties with numbers since she asked me what the closing costs would be let me point out that .5 days is less than 24 hours...



YOU JUST WANT TO SOUND IMPORTANT!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :upset :upset :upset :eek :eek :eek :grin :grin