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I recently closed a cd with your bank that I had for a prepaid credit card. Its been over a month and I have not received the money from that cd.

I have other accounts with your bank and instead of the money being transferred into one of those accounts a hard check was issued. Ive been conversing with employees for Usaa and they are telling me that they are not sure what happened to the check issued, because they are not able to see the check number, and because of this this they cannot reissue a check nor do I have access to the money. They tell me there is no way of knowing when they can reissue the check. So its floating around out there somewhere to be cashed by someone.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, I am a first responder and have served for this country. I have never been treated this way by Usaa.

The disregard for my needs and my dilemma is unbelievable. To casually tell me well I dont know, as though money is easy to come by these days it disgraceful.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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It seems to me that since USAA decided to "grow" that their customer service has gone from excellent to almost horrible. They must have not figured out hot to "hot" transfer a call because now every time that they transfer a call you have to get authenticate again. Poor customer service!

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