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I went on line to get a quote from USAA not knowing they only serve military members, which is fabulous by the way. It said to create an account and answer questions to see if you were eligible for insurance coverage.

I filled everything out, created an account and answered all the questions (even asked if I had ever been married to someone in the service which I had) checked a box saying I had read their policies etc. and at the end of all of that they said “sorry you aren’t eligible for auto insurance but here’s some other services we offer” ??? WTH?? I called them and they said they would close my account.

I asked why it was even necessary to create an account to get a quote, she said “well we offer services you might be interested in” no I’m not interested in other services, I wanted an auto ins quote ONLY. And I told her there better not be an inquiry on my credit and she said there would be but “it won’t have an impact on your score”…um yes it does….I’m so mad (insert angry face here) now my personal information and is out there, an account I'll never access again and I'll have an inquiry on my credit score...hugely disappointing.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Delete all my personal information and DO NOT put an inquiry on my credit..

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Irving, Texas, United States #1176832

The credit score inquiry is an insurance score inquiry and has no impact on your credit score.


Insurance inquiries are a soft hit on your credit, not a hard hit. Soft hits do not penalize you in any way what-so-ever.

It only shows you were shopping for insurance, not credit. The rep is a licensed agent (or they would not have been able to discuss your quote with you) and by law must follow insurance regulations.

They cannot lie to you about something like that. Also, be aware there is hardly any insurance companies left in America who are not looking at your credit when running a quote.

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