Secured Credit Cards Why Discover is Better

Why you shouldn't get a secured credit card throw USAA

What is a secured credit card? It's a credit card that is to help someone that can't yet get approved for a credit card or someone trying to establish credit. The difference between a normal credit card and a secured is that a normal credit card they just give you a line of credit when with a secured credit card you have to put money of your own down to be able to get a card and start building credit. For example, you put 250 down so you get a line for 250 dollars.

Well, let me guess so you're wondering why is it so bad to get a secure credit card through USAA. Well, let me tell you and ill show through an example of my bad choices.

It started with me getting 2 secured credit cards in one year to help rebuild my credit. I first started with the USAA secured credit card and soon realized that that discover secured credit card was a lot better choice.

This is why discover is 100 times better of a choice and why there should never be a reason to go with USAA.

Well in case you haven't wondered why does my USAA secured card have an annual fee and what happens when you get your credit back to good? Just to let you know I started with a score down in the low 500 and am back to 700 area. So now that I have a good score you'd think they would drop the annual fee or be able to switch from one card to another but that's not the case.

With the discover credit card they never charge you an annual fee and when you show you can make your payments on time and your credit improves they refund you your deposit put you in a different credit card with better benefits and it doesn't ruin your credit age and basically makes it as if you never canceled the card to get another. Why is this so great?

Well with USAA to get the card you put the same 250 down and have a line of 250 but they have a 35 annual fee and when your credit improves they don't allow you to switch to another card in less you cancel the secured card to change to another card. First off you got the card to improve your credit so you canceling to get away from the annual fee doesn't help that messes up credit age which is something your score calculates. When you open an account you want to keep that account as long as you can possible to show you have a long good standing of making payments to raise your score. In other words, you have to hurt your credit to cancel the card to improve your credit to get a better card through USAA. When with discover you never get charged fees and they allow you to get a better card with better benefits without hurting your credit.

With discover, I had a better card in 8 months with a higher credit line and got my deposit back and never paid one fee.

With USAA, 2 years later I have to either keep paying the annual fee and my credit with the same credit line or mess up my credit by switching to a better card.

Why would you ever pay an annual fee?

Why would you get a secured credit card that makes you cancel a card to move to a better card?

Why would you not get a card you can get your deposit back within less than a year?


Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Credit Card.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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