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I always liked USAA the things they claim Military values and honorable employees. Well don’t believe the commercials.

My wife and I decided to relocate our family from Minnesota to South Carolina the biggest reason was weather!! Obviously. Well I decided rather than go the route of getting a outside mortgage company I would go with who I trusted. USAA right everything is in one place.

We found a home and were pre approved. The necessary documents submitted and closing date set. Sweet. Our home in Minnesota sold and we bought a RV knowing we would spend 3 weeks in there

Off we go new adventure.

We get to S.C. and I started my job right away. Same job same car manufacturer that I have done for 10 years. Our closing date is days away we close Monday and in talking to our realtor we did not have a federal document needing to be signed 3 days prior to closing.

So after 3 weeks in a RV with 3 children under 6 and looking at our home finally getting to step inside it we have to go a weekend knowing we are not closing Monday. Come to find out the loan officer went on vacation. Yay fun for him. He returned Monday our closing day and stated he needed more documents.

Hmmmmm our realtor has a email saying he had all documents. So we give him more and it goes to review. The day after our closing date our loan is rejected. Why how u ask.

Well it seems I haven’t worked at my job for 2 years. And although I am doing the same job for the same dealer with the same pay plan it is not sufficient to prove I can make enough!!!! Really!!!!! It isn’t like I joined a mission trip or decided to pedal carpets in Walmart parking lot.

Same job I have done for 10 years. They could look at my annual income and know I can make payments. So now the night after we should be tucking our children into the beds in their rooms we are in the RV homeless. And USAA could care less.

The management won’t return calls. Nobody ever answers their phones. This company has no loyalty and no honor in their employees. How long will we be homeless I don’t know.

I trust my maker and believe this eye opening experience can help others to avoid USAA.

I have been in the armed forces for 30 Plus years and am still serving in now the South Carolina Army National Guard. I know honor loyalty and just how to treat people like they are not a number.

Avoid USAA

CW3 Michael R Glenn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Mortgage.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

USAA Pros: Actual customer service people are great.

USAA Cons: Do not care about people.

  • No Loyalty False Advertising
  • Dont Care Actions In Others
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Try the online mortgage company from Quicken. Hiring a lawyer will get nowhere fast.


I urge you to contact contact the federal trade commission and look up consumer protection lawyers not personal injury lawyers they don’t know about consumer law so definitely look up consumer protection attorney’s and contact your local attorney general’s office

Michael R

Thank you

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