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Was stopped at stop light was rear ended by one of their "INSURED" on 1/26/2018 was not contacted by USAA until after I called them about a week and a half later said that they had no contact info, all on the police report (DUH)Was told to take it to one of their body shop refused.They wanted me to go get estimates, why should I have to do any work, to this date 3 weeks later HAVE not seen their adjuster.

The person that is suppose to be handling my case is "NEVER AVAILABLE to handle my call she "ALWAYS" has to return a call. I am trying to settle this without getting a lawyer involved but USAA is really leaving me no choice. I don't have time for the back and forth I have more pressing issues. I really don't understand why I am even writing this review because I feel that this will not HELP" them to get their acts together, since they already have more that 2,000 pissed off customer with over 2000 negative reviews.

My advice is talk with your wallet that is the only way to get their attention.

I feel sorry for their MEMBERS but I am even more SORRIER for all of the drivers who gets into accidents with USSA members we are treated likeS..T GUILTY until proven innocent.Public relation dept "SUCKS" marketing dept full is "FLUFF".


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