I am unable to make payments or check my loan balances online because USAA is refusing to grant access through their technical support group. After completing Ch 7 filing and reaffirming two car loans (combined balances are less than $13k) USAA canceled the security codes that are required to access the "make payment" part of their site.

I have repeated tried the "work around" that the technical support group suggests, to no avail. As a result, I have no way to know due dates, loan balances, dates amounts were applied to my accounts and the breakdown of principal/interest. They also refuse to send amortization schedules and invoices for payments due. Having been a loyal USAA member since 1983 I am livid.

I spoke with "Rachel" and "Jason" this morning at USAA in a last-ditch attempt to get this resolved.

All I want to do is pay the bills for the car loans.

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Just like everyone else here, USAA refused to do business with me after my Chapter 7 discharge.

I can certainly understand their position, if they were provide a reasonable amount of data to prove that consumers who filed bankruptcy were costing them more in the long-run than what they would bring in. However, I have seen no such data.

My bankruptcy was eleven-years ago. My credit has been restored, and I am retiring after twenty-one-years of military service.

The way in which I was treated, or spoken down to, while on the phone with them is absolutely uncalled for.

They seem to have been trained to be extra snide and rude to those of us who have tried to go back to them in good faith.

USAA, you may keep your holier-than-thou attitude, and I will do business with my local credit union, who keeps me happy, and who is conveniently located in my town. In other words, USAA, you may *** off!

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #1338668

I'm having the exact same issue. They say that i still owe them money from auto insurance i had with them years ago. Despite the balance being part of my bankruptcy, they still say i need to pay them before i get full access and can open a savings account.

to Anonymous #1338711

That's flat out illegal and grounds for your bankruptcy attorney to pursue legal action against them. Call your attorney and let them know and deal with it.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #1209923

Sorry you are having to deal with this.

USAA is NOT Veteran friendly.

In fact, USAA preys on the Veteran community and uses the blind trust the community willingly gives and profits from their trust.

This is a scam. After 10 years with USAA, not more.

Have three of 19 accounts and working to close the last three.


Same thing has happened to me, been with them for over 17 years, always paid everything off. Retired from military, got divorced in the same year and I am paying child support to my ex wife for a child that lives with me, bankruptcy could not be avoided, I tried, I even tried to get a debt consolidation loan through USAA and they said no before I was late on any payments. Time for new bank and Auto Insurance.


I just filed the below complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - I encourage others to do the same - this is wrong, and on top of it they lied to me and said they block access to ensure that they don't extend me any additional credit - they don't have to block us from the Web site to ensure they don't extend us credit.

Complaint filed with CFPB (http://www.consumerfinance.gov/):

I have been a member of USAA since the early 1990s.

Approximately two years ago, following a divorce and a failed business, I filed bankruptcy. One of the debts included in the bankruptcy was my USAA credit card with a remaining balance that was under $3,000. Intent on trying to turn things around, I signed up to monitor my credit through USAA's partnership with Experian. However, soon thereafter I tried to log onto my USAA account and I received the following message: "According to our records you filed bankruptcy and we cannot collect certain debts.

To obtain access to your existing accounts you may log on by clicking proceed below. (2:5706)" The link took me to a limited and cumbersome USAA Web site and I was no longer able to access my Experian credit monitoring account. The Web site also gave me limited access to my USAA Automobile Insurance policy and my USAA Auto loans (which I continued to pay and reaffirmed in the bankruptcy - so USAA did not lose anything on those two loans).

I wrote a letter to USAA (attached) stating that it seems the only purpose of displaying this message in bold red and redirecting members to a limited and cumbersome Web site is purely punitive and to humiliate its members further.

There is no benefit to USAA. It is only a punishment and a humiliation for someone like me who had no other option following a divorce and failed business venture. So every time I log on to make my car payments or to pay my insurance bill or to access some other service at USAA, I am further humiliated. If this is USAA's purpose and goal, then it has succeeded - I am further humiliated and reminded of my failure a few times each month.

I received a call responding to my letter - no one wrote back. I was told that the reason for the limited Web site was so that USAA would not inadvertently extend any further credit to me following my bankruptcy. This makes no sense. They could refuse to extend additional credit to me without redirecting me to a cumbersome Web site and displaying the humiliating message.

I am also a member of Affinity FCU, and had to include a debt from their company, but they don't display humiliating messages or redirect me to some cumbersome Web site. It seems the only reason for USAA to have this policy is punitive.

to Anonymous Washington, Missouri, United States #1127676

did filing the complaint help? did it change anything regarding your access to USAA website?


We were blocked from USAA online access and deposits like everyone else after Ch7, but they went a step further with us. It was very difficult to make a deposit into the account to cover pending ACH payments until I learned that you can use your debit card to make an instant deposit at many UPS Stores.

But after two deposits, they restricted my debit card!

Pure harassment. What a vindictive bunch of babies!

to GinePE #1055947

You haven't seen anything yet at all until you've filed for bankruptcy while banking with Navy Federal Credit Union. They make USAA look like Snow White.

to Anonymous #1406618

Oh tell me about that. What kind of nightmare happened there?


Same deal here. I would also like to add that USAA has listed my two accounts (auto and mastercard) as charge offs with the credit reporting agencies.

Six months after I filed Ch7 I dismissed and settled my accounts. I paid the auto loan in full after much hassle with USAA. They already had the account out for repossession within a few weeks of dismissal and did not try to contact me. I had to force myself on them to get results.

Now I have the car title and I paid in full (was never ever late on a payment ever!) and it's reported as a Charge Off.

The mastercard they have put in with a collection company called GC Services. Yet it still shows Charge Off and I'm making payments.

USAA Member since 1995

Former Air Force Officer

Texas, United States #878936

It's not just USAA it's all banks. They are cowards.

They punish, therefore you are being punished. Fear not. When your credit is restored you can refinance with a new lender and tell them to take a hike.

In the meantime, do some research try to find out how much THIS BANK took in Tarp Funds and never paid back! Then you'll know who is the biggest loser in the mix and it won't be YOU!

Florida, United States #872657

"Serving those who served as long as you can continue to pay, others can go s***w themselves" should be their slogan. They are like any other bank, ruthless; worse than actually, since they portray themselves as military freindly.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #866693

I had the same thing, they blocked my access as well, been with USAA over 12 years! Completely unacceptable.

Petaluma, California, United States #845895

The same thing happened to me. After my bankruptcy they cancelled all access. I hate USAA.


It's discrimination and if it continues I think everyone ever slighted by that action should file a lawsuit.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #811132

I have been reading some negative posts about USAA and I don't know those folks' situation but I will post about my situation. I filed for chap 13 7.5 years ago.

USAA did block my access to the website like everyone else is saying they did to them too. However, just like I was told 6 months ago, at the 7 year point I could call the bankruptcy dept at USAA and ask for my access to to the website be reinstated.

I called, the BK dept verified my information and within 24 hours my access to the USAA website was restored! Like I said, I can't speak for anyone else, but USAA did exactly what they told they would do and I will stick with them!

to happycamper #830632

Did I read this correctly? You had to live with restricted access for 7 years? If that's the case, I'm ditching USAA and never going back.

to eric.v.m***one #879473

Seven years is the reporting period for bankruptcy for Experian, EquiFax etc. So USAA blocks main web access (but you can still use limited mobile banking app and use the mobile version of website) you can not make mobile deposits but you can use UPS Store check depositing.

It all seems extremely petty to me.

You are trying to rebuild and restore and you are continually punished? Still great insurance and great service, but I bet if anything ever happens to my vehicle, they'll pay the claim and drop me.

to happycamper #1104126

I filed bankruptcy in 2008. I did declare a credit card can I still restore banking with them? How do I do this?

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