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Claim #2536****

8-15-11: Accident happened (date of loss)

9-1-11: USAA made arrangements for me to pick up an Enterprise rental car after I dropped off my personal vehicle for repairs at a body shop.

9-12-11: Repairs finished on my personal vehicle, Rental car returned to Enterprise.

9-13-11: Enterprise calls to collect out-of-pocket fees for 4 extra days of rental not covered by USAA.

USAA refuses to pay for the first 4 days of rental because they have a "No Thursday drop-off" policy that does not allow customers to rent a car from Thursday-Sunday. However, USAA made the arrangements for me to pick up the rental car on Thursday 9-1-11. The representative knew the only reason for doing this on a Thursday was because it was the next day I had off work. USAA documented that I was made aware of their policy, but I never heard about the "No Thursday drop-off" policy until 9-13-11 when Enterprise called demanding out-of-pocket payment for days not covered by USAA because the rental began on a Thursday.

When the USAA claims adjuster issued an estimate for my vehicle repairs, they estimated 7 days. The repairs were not done for 11 days. The repairs started on the same day I dropped off the car, Thursday. The first few times I called USAA regarding this issue, they said that if the body shop submitted some paperwork requesting a supplement, the extra days should be covered and my problem should be resolved. I called the body shop and they complied with my request to file for a supplement. According to my insurance company (Shelter), the body shop was paid for the extra days, but Enterprise was not. I paid the balance, $125.54 because Enterprise was going to report it to the credit bureaus and I'm currently in the market for a house. I cannot afford any blemishes on my credit.

I had an extremely difficult time in getting any answers to my questions. I often had to have a representative "put a note on the account" for a manager to call me the next day and very rarely would I actually receive a call.

9-30-11: I spoke with a manager by the name of Debbie Paull. She finally told me that the reason USAA would not cover the days was because I dropped off my vehicle at the body shop and picked up the rental car at Enterprise on a Thursday and according to their documentation, I was made aware of the "No Thursday drop-off" policy.

My sentiment about the whole situation is this: My car was damaged through no fault of my own. I made a claim against the other party's insurance and the repairs took longer than expected, also through no fault of my own. I feel that USAA should not even arrange for a Thursday pickup of a rental car if they have a policy against paying for it. The body shop was compensated for the extra days it took to repair my car, but not Enterprise. I feel that USAA should cover the $125.54 that I paid out of pocket.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Claim.

Location: Jackson, Mississippi

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Re: no thursday drop-off policy---news to me too, and I was with USAA for many years until their customer service got so bad that I dropped them and went with AAA. USAA had been good to work with until they started to automate things and I could not get hold of anyone promptly and then when I finally got someone, they gave me an answer just to get rid of me or the answer was just plain wrong. Drop the bums and go somewhere else, preferably a local agency and not one with a menu to wade thru when you call.

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