Late June of 2021. Refused to provide a copy of Insurance ID card to Dealership to expedite release of a loaner vehicle Refused my request to speak to a Manager.

Brought the matter to the attention of Management and Executives, including CEO. No solution offered. No apology for the egregious conduct of the employee named ADDA by several "advocates"

title. Canceled home and auto insurance policies effecitive end of July 2021.

In reviewing our auto policy, the then current policy period, and prior period's premium were reduced but also showed that the collision coverage removed, without our knowledge, approval or notice.

USAA escalated the dispute and service complaint by placing a BLOCK on our USAA issued credit card, that came to our attention only when attempt to charge a purchase was DECLINED. Cut the cards into pieces

and notified USAA to cancel/close our accounts.

Last August received a letter from Jonathan HUGHES, with Director of Advocate, title, who denied that the incident in June happened.

My proposal to apply the credit balance on the insurance policies for two periods of over billing and the amount of the unused premium on the canceled policy to the debit balance in the VISA card account and refund or bill as appropriate REFUSED, IGNORED.

USAA keep sending me a bill for the VISA card with monthly interests when in fact we are owed a net credit and refund in excess of $120.00,

User's recommendation: Beware of USAA's entire operation and Management. There is a total lack of effective coordinated. I believe the Insurance department in particular.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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