Property Claims Failure to Timely Adjudicate -Possible Bias to Senior members; Misrepresentations by Adjuster who could never be contacted by phone in over one year in dealing with home claims process.

Either rude and/or condensing but USAA management fails to either correct situation and/or even respond to longtime members' correspondence - resulting in costly delays and additional home damage. USAA takes great pride in sending payments out fast to help Members - but in retrospect, more often payments are deficient and below repair costs.

This is NOT the same company my father and his WW2 generation founded - nor is it one which better serves the Vietnam era members since it has been the experience that the Adjuster in this instant case was not only often either rude and/or condescending but exhibited a "bias" toward older members who questioned his lack of process via writing for the record - which USAA management fails to read and/or respond. Something is very wrong in San Antonio deserving of more member's attention and demands that their grievances just not be heard but response's with "corrective actions". And do not try to just call USAA - as their telephone menu is a very poor example of U.S. business technology and services.

COMPLAIN! WRM, Alrexandria, VA, member for 44 years

User's recommendation: keep all communications in log and reduce to writing.

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

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