New Kensington, Pennsylvania
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My vehicle was side swiped and I turned the claim in. Well lets just say it took forever for them to contact me.

And when they contacted me they wanted me to drive almost an hour from my home to a body shop that is a Usaa repair center. Nope, told them no when I have an auto body shop with in five minutes from my house. Ohhh wait it gets better. Now they want me to take pictures of the whole car and damaged area's so they can give me a quote.

WTF, you can't give a correct quote on damage and repairs needed just by looking at a picture. So then they send me a quote with in 2 hours and it so low that when they take my deductible I couldn't buy a snickers bar. Then they direct deposit it into my account less the deductible and said I can take it anywhere and have to pay the deducted moneys and to have the shop file an appeal. What a bunch of crap.

Ohhh did I tell you I also have rental coverage. Rent me a vehicle for two day, then I have to get an extension three additional times. Not a happy camper at this point. Usaa sends me an email stating that they could not come to an agreement on the money figure with the auto body shop, but they send them money anyways.

Usaa is so screwed up. I'll be cancelling my insurance with these clowns after my repairs are made. As for them addressing me with my rank, never happened.

They suck bug time. I wouldn't recommend them to a third world country.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

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