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So my son 22 has had 2 speeding tickets in 3 years 1-2018 and 3-2019. And one backing accident 2-18 w no0 payouts ( we handled).

In 1-2019 the brakes failed on his car and it was totaled but USAA did agree w their certified mechanic that this was a manufacturing issue w the Jeep Cherokee’s But they did not want to pursue w the manufacturer and told us that “if we chose this then they may or may not payout”.

They wanted it closed which we thought was strange but we had to have the $ to get another car.

Then in 3-2019 his gf was driving the car and had an insurance fraud happen by 4ppl in a broken car that backed into HER! The local cop came and the ppl said she rear ended them but since it was only a small bumper “tarnish” they didn’t need to call anyone. She drove off and they recorded her driving off (unknowing to her). They then also left but circled the block and came back and phoned FHP and told them it was a hit and run.

They called Morgan & Morgan from the scene and2 ambulances w “neck pain”. We knew nothing of any of this until 2 weeks later USAA notified my son and said that “He” was the driver and all these ppl were hurt and their car damaged. Thank goodness my son was at work and had a time card bc he had no idea what was up. My husband realized this was ins fraud and has been working w USAA to withhold payment And have these ppl arrested but USAA has made 2 payouts against our wishes.

My son moved in April and my husband who was working w the USAA agent fairly close let him know this etc. but my son did not update his mailing address. And in June, unbeknownst to us, they cancelled his policy for “poor driving habits” suing the docs were mailed to his house 4 times and marked Return to sender. He was still in touch via text w the USAA agent who also emailed all docs as well as put them in the Docssection”.

His phone number and email are correct AND He constantly checks the “documents” section of the sign on in USAA. The company never notified him any other way that his policy was cancelled. He travelled home last night and was pulled during a road block check on a Florida backroad. There he was told he was driving w “a suspended license for failure to meet financial obligations”.

The officer said “we usually jail for this but not during a road block if there is another driver available in the car. they also didn’t know what was up and said it could be for anything from paternity suits?to insurance.

So we started w USAA today. And got the infamous “on hold”. And “transfers that resulted in complete hang ups” to “you don’t have a POA we aren’t talking to you”.

Finally we did conference call and reached someone who told us that his policy was cancelled and attempt to notify “had been made in accordance w State law”. . At 5:30 we Were given the na,e and extension of the one SINGLE person in underwriting who told us his policy was being cancelled because of “poor driving”. We explained that the one case is now under investigation by the police and InsuranceCommissioner andthat the other case with the brakes was not an “at fault” as it was a mechanical failure.

She would not listen to anything and said that because we didn’t call prior to now the case was closed and without “new evidence” we could not appeal. My husband asked for her boss and she said “it does no good “ because she has full power to make these decisions. My husband stressed that the other case is still open because of fraud and she said that “Yes it is and we are still paying for your sons poor judgement in letting someone drive his car”. My husband again said “ but it’s fraud and USAA attorneys are involved and the insurance commissioner.

She said “Sir there is nothing you can do about it but try and see if someone will accept our “high risk” son and he can come back to USAA when He is more mature and a safer driver.”

We reminded her that it’s not only him but our 5 drivers, my Dad who was a 3 star general that is 80 years old and his wife and his other 4 sons and spouses and their children, about 32 people in all that are mature adults and not teens and had been w USAA for over 30 years that they could also lose from their company.

This horrid person said “well then you all should be able to get a great group rate else where”. And she hung up.

So bottom line, he’s out w no recourse, no appeal and now no coverage to start off his first week in a new city w new school and job to go to. So without considering the 2019 claims they list as “at fault”, he has 2 speeding tickets and 1 backing accident in 3 years. IS THIS TOO MUCH ACTIVITY FOR OTHER COMPANIES ?

I guess the 2 in 2019 will show up too ? and now last nites driving w suspended license. And that does look like High risk.

So where do we go now? Suggestions comments?

( andplease I know it seems like I’m justifying his actions which I’m not AND I’m telling the absolute truth of these 2019 events.

It truly was a a mechanical failure and this fraud case is still open (so why is USAA paying on it). So skip the parenting advice and negativity and speculation.

I know that my son is an obnoxious Millenial and don’t need fir you to tell me. He will learn the consequences of the actions that were within his control when he sees how much his new premiums are.

But, I’m just asking for referral for insurance for “high risk” male AND should we try anything more at this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

USAA Pros: Fairly reasonable rates.

USAA Cons: Dismal expectations for the future with this company, Cancelled w no notification, Poor actions of claims adjusters, Inability to reason and listen to the customer.

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Typical USAA. USAA will not insure me and my wife auto or home because our son is a convicted felon and lives in the same area as we do.

He has a good job is married and has a son and has been out of prison for about 10 years. My wife and I have no tickets for years and are both senior citizens.

USAA is just another insurance company and your military background means nothing to them. You should try Progressive or GEICO.

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