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Their insured T boned my new Ford Edge Titanium.They were reluctantly eventually agreeable to pay for the damage.

With over $10,000 in damage it was clear there was a diminished value for the car. It could never be a certified used car. I hired an appraiser who prepared an independent appraisal based on comparable cars for sale in Houston that had no been wrecked and then got bids for my car based on the current repaired state and the average bids for my car. This 18 page appraisal concluded that the diminished value on average was about $5,500.

I submitted everything to USAA. Their "appraisers" responded saying, with no back-up or reason, that the diminished values was a little over $1200 and that they were sending me a check. I felt slimed. They just want to act sweet and treat you like trash.

My dad was in the insurance business and I know he never treated people this was and neither does my insurance company.

I never knew much about USAA.They missed their chance to make a good first impression with me, for sure.


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Let them know that you will not settle without a lawsuit in Small Claims Court.

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