I recently contacted USAA to remove myself from my ex-wife’s credit card accounts, which are in her name and SSN (I’m just an authorized user). I was told you cannot do it without her contacting you or the representative recommended hiring a lawyer if she won’t remove me.

Are you kidding? The card were opened with her SSN, in her name.

How come I could do this with Discover Card, American Express, and Chase? USAA is (usually) the pinnacle of customer service and is supposed to be ahead of all these other companies when its customers are concerned.

It is dissapointing that I have no control over something that affects my credit report, and that USAA is unwilling to help, due to an archaic policy.

Please reconsider revising this policy. If other credit card issuers can do this, so can you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Remove me from her credit cards.

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USAA is HORRIBLE! I had a joint bank account with my mom with them.

After she died, I tried to remove her name. I sent them her death certificate and they told me that wasn’t enough and have not removed her to this day. I also had a credit card and insurance with them. The sent my credit card payments to another member’s account and charged me for non-payment.

They closed the account the other day and now I have to get a lawyer to deal with this. I had payments go to the credit card that should have gone to the insurance and I called to cancel my insurance with them.

Get out now! They are a TERRIBLE company!!!


I’m not surprised at all. They protect the service member/ primary member at all costs.

I found the same thing. Navy federal credit union did not take sides I. Our divorce and did all the banking by the book - but USAA lied to me withheld information from me ect. My husband was able to call them and sat” there has been a change in our marital status” which by the way was not true!

And from that point on they refused to give me any information about my own car insurance, homeowners insurance mortgage ect- because he was the primary!! He was able to take a 40,000 home equity loan out on a home we owned jointly without my knowledge in his name only so it didn’t appear on any of my credit reports ect.

But when we divorced he lied said I knew all about it, USAA refused to provide subpoenaed documents and I had to pay for half of it. What they do is criminal.

Joseph N

I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. In my case, however, I am the primary and the service member. So, they don’t protect us either.

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