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June 24, 2018

I am making a formal complaint about a claim I have with USAA Auto Insurance Company.


On May 23, 2018 , my car (2008 Ford Mustang), was struck in Jacksonville, FL.

The drive of the other vehicle was charged with running a red light and was insured by USAA. No charges were made against me.

USAA was notified by both parties on that day and USAA reported to that they would handle the claim.

Since that phone call, I have tried contacting USAA several times and left several messages, and they have not returned my calls. They have neither sent a claim adjuster to review the damages nor have they made an offer to repair the damages. My out of pocket costs for the repairs will be $9,200 when the repairs are completed. I have been without a car for over a month.


USAA should not be allowed to sell insurance in the state of Florida.

Thomas F. Riley

(I am a veteran)

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $9200.

Preferred solution: Pay for the car repairs.

USAA Cons: Failure to process claim and return phone calls.

  • Horrible Practices Usaa
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Contact your insurance company and see if they can get the other drivers' insurance moving.


I too am battling with USAA. I had a not at fault accident with a lady crossing 3 lanes of traffic from a turn lane with no arrow.

She spun around and hit another vehicle which then made it 3 vehicles in the accident. Here is the problem, the at fault driver doesn't have enough coverage to pay for damages to both not at fault drivers. They totaled my vehicle, sent me a claim settlement notification for the total loss which was over the at fault party's limits. When I questioned them about it they said everything was fine and all they needed was for me to send my title and the would then deposit the funds into my account.

This was also followed up by an email from loss claims department verifying the amount I would receive. I sent then my title signed as they asked and in turn they sent to Fl DMV. Now comes the shady part! So now USAA is stating that they can not give me the settlement owed to me for the loss and has frozen any transactions for a settlement until further investigation has been performed and both not at fault parties will have to split the policy limits which is only 10k maximum.

I feel this should have been figured out before they agreed to a disbursement. I am now stuck with a totaled vehicle with no title and no money for a accident that was caused by someone else who was cheap and opted for only PIP/PDL coverage.

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