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USAA hit my car when attempting to get into my lane, BEHIND my car AFTER CROSSING EASTBOUND Manatee Avenue East (going NORTH...) from 45th St W to reach the MEDIAN and then get into Manatee Avenue W WESTBOUND.

There were NO MORE LANES, of 2, to my left , to continue driving West on Manatee Avenue W, Bradenton, FL Google it.

There are, in the median, short lanes to turn left (south) and left (north).

USAA driver started or continued her movement towards the MEDIAN positioning her in it but went TOO FAR AND TOO SOON into my lane BEFORE my car had finished passing so SHE HIT my car in the SIDE LEFT REAR of my TOYOTA COROLLA with her MUSTANG sport car. She needs a measuring tape to find out how far she can reach in the medians WITHOUT hitting passing by CARS!!

If she had been crossing faster she could have overturned my car car and killed us my mother and I! She is a danger in the streets of Bradenton.

That is all. Judge Judy, can you help? Since it looks that USAA refuses to use good judgement and is BLAMING ME of WRONGDOING!!

IT IS LAUGHABLE the argument that USAA driver'LIES placed in the minds of USAA car insurance.

If one of the pictures says "camaro" ..... that IS my only mistake!

Could that be the reason why USAA does not want to pay??!! I noticed my mistake while preparing my pictures ... you can found it at the height of the trooper's knee!!

Trooper and later, police "force" gave ONLY the "exchange of information" and ... NO FINE AT ALL TO THE DRIVER AT FAULT!!

Does this not smell like discrimination??!! and maybe something else?

Thanks for this opportunity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $811.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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FE DE ERRATA Correction to " AFTER CROSSING EASTBOUND Manatee Avenue East (going NORTH...) " It should read " AFTER CROSSING EASTBOUND Manatee Avenue West (going NORTH...) " The whole situation happened in the WEST AREA of Bradenton, FL