Miami, Florida
Not resolved

I paid my full balance $509.00 on the first of this month, I checked the automatic system and was told that I had $0 balance and my available credit was once again $500.I went to the bank for a cash withdrawal and was denied! I called USAA and the first person told me the same thing, we lost the call and I called again, this time the person told me she really didn't know why I was denied and spent over 20 min trying to find out (mean while I'm at the bank waiting), had to hang up and I called again (3rd time) where I ask for a supervisor.

Her attitude was that my funds would not be available until tomorrow because I had gone over the limit by $9 and her clear attitude was don't bother any more as I have repeatedly told you (you are wasting your time.)

3 different sets of information including the automatic system, I was so embarrassed at the bank and annoyed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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