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We subpoenaed records from a credit card my husband ran up over 30,000, he was very financially abusive and I was on the card as an autiloruzed user. He never let me see a single statement and I had no way of knowing what he was doing with the money.

If I ever changed anything on the card a was interrogated intimidated and threatened with a crowbar. Now that we are divorcing he is claiming it is s joint debt and wants me to pay half of it. I need proof in the way of past statement to prove I wasn’t allowed to charge- I wasn’t the one charging up 30,000. Over six months ago we subpoenaed the records we need.

One excuse after another, now they are saying because their headquarters are in Texas and we live in Virginia they are not obligated to provide the documents that we have subpoena ed. I have called and called. I am told a supervisor will call me back, hold on to talk to a supervisor, they gave me a number to contact subpoena enforcement department- actually a wrong number. Requested the legal department they won’t give that number out.

For over 4 hours I just got the run around over and over. They do give out numbers fir you to call but the aren’t actually the number you need. I have been a member of USAA for nearly 30 years and I can’t get any help in this situation at all. My husband also had a line of credit loan on our house that I didn’t know about- $40000.

He forged my initials on the loan documents and had it all in his own name only so once again I could get access to no records for over 15 years we have been paying on this loan and the balance is larger that when we started how? Why?

It seems my husband and his lawyer believe I should be responsible for this too- I had no idea, don’t know what he did with the money, weather he ever had it paid down, when he increased the amount and why— really unfair that USAA won’t provide the documents that I need to have for court to get a fair settlement. I really feel that that are deliberately assisting the retired service member commit a fraud on the court.

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