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I'm not sure why anyone would think my response was BS, but it is what happened to me. I'm glad that many of you like the company and that they do treat some customers well.

We have decided to move back to our old company. At least they notify us BEFORE increasing our rates.

Good luck to all of you in finding an affordable, quality company!

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I joined USAA after hearing that they were a great company with great customer satisfaction. I served eight years in the military and had heard some good things about them years ago.

I called them and compared my current home owners and auto policy rates against what they could offer. They saved me some money, though not a lot. Still they seemed very helpful and were very courteous on the phone. All the discounts they gave my family were based on us moving over all our insurance policies and opening a checking/savings account with them.

For the first year, things were great. Then they did a ‘policy review’ over the phone and a month later my auto insurance increased from $280 a month to $391, which is a $1,332 annual increase. This increase was done without any notification or justification. So I called to find out why.

They were unable to tell me why there was an increase. All the drivers on the policy were the same, all the vehicles were the same, and there were no accidents, claims, or traffic violations. They said sometimes the insurance just goes up and that even the actuaries can’t tell you why? Really!

I have had policies with three other insurance providers and none of them ever raised my rates without notifying me first and explaining the reasons for the increase. I am severely disappointed in USAA and would tell everyone, military or not, DO NOT insure with this company! They basically hook you and then try to extort money from you through premium increases that they can’t explain nor justify.

I wish someone would have warned me. STAY AWAY!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $1330.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Okay, same story, always the State that is responsible, you all need to get with Your State Insurance Commissioner, file an complaint and don't stop until you get your question answer (WHY), this way they can no longer blame the STATE. Don't you love it, they are script to the TEE.

I have an Attorney working on my issue with USAA, homeowners increased over 50%. my attorney found several questionable rate issues.

My State is asking USAA to adjust my rate and they are up for a review to see how wide it spread within the state. THE ONLY SOLOUTION FOR USAA IS THE STATE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER


This happened to me and as soon as I called, they promptly answered and explained to me that my area rates in my state had gone up and that it was nothing I had done. Things like this happen at a lot of insurance companies. I am not sure why you said they couldn't tell you why it increased but they were pretty clear about why mine did.


Even that would of been something. I showed them the two bills with the difference, so they knew exactly when they increased my rates.

Still the individual on the phone was unable to answer the WHY question, and they honestly told me that sometimes the actuaries don't even know. If my rates went up because of the Colorado wild fires...I could understand, though I'm not sure what they have to do with my with policies, but to not know really ticked me off.

It means they can raise rates any time and just feign ignorance as to why. Best of luck to you though.

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