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100% of the times my husband and I have phoned the call center, they either massively screw it up, or they just simply make too hard and we give up. Resulting in the need of a vodka shot.

The Check Incident

We needed two separate check. 1 for rental deposit, 1 for 1st month rent. We phone USAA and have to spell out the payee Fountain Villa. Then when the checks arrive, the checks are made out to the What the Actual F?

The Joint Account incident

My husband is on the account. We phoned up to get me on the account. We were told to fill out a bunch of forms and email them back to them. Once we did this, the process was made far more difficult by being provided yet another process to follow because the first one was wrong. This second process required us to post forms. We just gave up.

The MANY Balance Transfer incidents

The balance transfer request function on the account works about 20% of the time, resulting in us needing to phone up. Every time we've phoned up the customer service person rarely knows what a balance transfer is, and thinks we are trying to transfer from our account to pay off the credit card. NO. Once, they needed to get IT involved because there was some strange thing blocking it from working. WHY? Another time we had to explain to multiple different people that we were trying to simply do a balance transfer. It just goes on and on and on.

Opening a checking account incident

I recently wanted to open my own checking account (my husband has the other account I am mainly referring to). I couldn't do it online because I had to update my permanent residency information. Why I coudn't do this online, I don't know? So I phone up. The girl updates it and says I can open my account online when I get home (I didn't have the payment to do it over the phone at that time). So I go home to do it online and what do you know....I couldn't do it and it says I had to call. SO I call the next day with my payment ready. After waffling on for 10 minutes the customer service person asks how would I like to pay? I said with a VISA Debit card please. 'Oh sorry we need the authorization of the card holder in order to do that'. FFS. Vodka shot Vodka shot. Despite being listed as a family member on the account and me having access to the debit card, his login details, routing number etc, I wasn't allowed. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Would there be an Amazon or any online shopping if they required authorization from all card users?

Processes are an absolute joke and are archaic compared to other parts of the world EG: Australia.

Customer service people are either nice and get yelled at because they're just following the *** processes, or they're just very simply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Account.

USAA Pros: Free account.

USAA Cons: Worst processes, Incompetent customer call center staff.

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