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I was recently preapproved for a $175,000.00 VA loan through your establishment. The home that I was trying to purchase asking price was $58,000.00. I understand the process of having to fill out a great number of forms, but it appears that I was being scrutinized at every angle. I attempted to provide everything that they asked for and that wasn’t enough. I provide all of income statements and was told that I did not receive that income, that it could not be verified, when they had each one with all of my information. They did not accept any of my bank statements, which I provided every way possible, which they would not accept. I was told that the Earnest money that I place with the mortgage company could not be verified, that it wasn’t mine. When I faxed my application back to Shaunta Taylor, she says that she did not receive it; she didn’t know where it went. She provided me with 2 more fax numbers and she still did not receive it. She received it only after a fourth fax number, then it was 5 days later. Up until this letter, she continued to ask for my bank statements, they apparently couldn’t match up my pay statements and my deposits, it was plain and clear. I was called by the agent for the home and told that she was trying to get in touch with me, when I called back today; I received her voicemail and left her a message. When I called her supervisor I received her voicemail as well, left a message to call her back. In between my calling them both I received a Notice of Incomplete Application, listing a host of missing information, even after she told me that the $40,000.00 was approved. The appraisal came in at $40,000.00, $18,000.00 below the asking price, which I was going to be responsible for. I found out that the appraiser used comps for Aug-Sep 2012, not the comps for within 90 days of the sale. There were a lot of changes to this home and they were not included in the value of this home. This leaves me with having to try and come up with $18,000.00, the very reason I applied for the VA Loan, no down payment and 100% financing. When I called back to talk to someone else about the appraisal, she (MJ is all she would give me of her name) was reluctant to help as well. This has been the worse service ever for me and I have been around the world and served 22 years in the military.

USAA promised to help me, but all I received was grief. USAA portrays this nice attitude of we can help you, but I was treated like some sort of thief or criminal. Thanks a lot USAA!!

Sylvester Smith

U.S Air Force Retired

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Mortgage.

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

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