Stilwell, Oklahoma
Not resolved

I have been a Member with USAA since 1997. I will no longer deal with these condescending snobs.

I deposited a check for $1500.00 thru easy deposits provided by UPS. USAA has never put a hold on my checks until now. This particular check has a 7 day hold on it. I called USAA, talked to a Representative who treated me like a child.

I asked to talk to a Supervisor and she was even worse. She talked down to me, was condescending, even told me to use a credit card to buy my medications for tomorrow. I informed her I had no credit cards. I called the Bank the personal check was from, the funds were in there.

I gave this information to the USAA Supervisor, I asked her why she could not call the bank to verify the funds and she said they did not do that anymore it was all electronic now.

Well to *** with USAA! I'm disabled Vet on a fixed income and I told her I did not have the money to get my medications, I asked if she could at least release $200.00 to get my medications and she said no I can't do that sorry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Check Deposit.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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