Cowards..... what our president elect and supporters are doing for our military.

And usaa joins the attack.... 26 years with usaa.... I say I'm ready for boycott..... Any one with me??????????

Family retired career military. I can't believe a organization claiming to be all about america..... If you like whose in office or not still be patriotic.... Respect your elected leaders office....

I didn't vote for last president elect however I still respected him and his office while he was in it. I truely cannot believe the power to distort the truth the left are continueing to express. Opinions are not news.... Opinions debated by oposing party's ,and facts used as basis of such debates ,are key.

If something in news is not confirmed to be truth then it is not news.... It is by definition.... Fake news.....

Or call it opinion.... Still not news....

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #1337506

Stuart Blain Parker CEO

Home Address

16 DE Zavala PL

Shavano Park TX

to Carmen sette 777 #1382219

Very American, don’t agree with someone so let’s blast their personal address knowing full well you have *** that always take it too far.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1334589

Have been a member of usaa for 60 years. Initially they were quite good, but service has declined badly.

They no longer serve the military community, to commercial. Now, it's only the money


Hannity specializes in fake news. Thus the correct withdrawal.

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