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Someone else here said 'if a person with USAA hits your car, just get an attorney' and that person is absolutely correct. A person with USAA hit my stopped car and their subrogation department is treating me like a sniveling lying idiot and is refusing to pay for anything until I have already shelled out the money upfront.

Not only did they refuse to have an adjuster come to me and write an estimate, they required me to get two estimates.

Took a personal day to drive around and get two body shop estimates. Now they are not accepting either one because they are independent local body shops and their forms are both handwritten and not adequate.

So now I have to take another day off and drive 30 minutes to a dealership for a 3rd estimate that I guarantee will be a whole lot more money.

Then I have to write a letter stating why this amount is owed to me along with proof of payment? What?

If you have USAA insurance, think real hard about your potential future nightmare that may await you because if I ever get in an accident with someone with USAA, I will hire the most awful, despicable attorney I can find and I will ruin you.

User's recommendation: Hire an attorney who has the stomach to deal with these RUDE people.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Just turn it in to your insurance . Not for them to pay anything , but they will deal with other insurance company. Right now USAA is hoping you drop the ball and go away.

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