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My family has had USAA for decades and until recently they have been great. Apparently they have changed how they operate in the last few years. This is a brief description of how they are handling a recent motor vehicle accident claim without bodily injury..

1. No adjuster, just send in pictures of the damage.

2. In their wisdom, from looking at the pictures they determined that the vehicle was totaled.

3. The claim has gone on for well over 30 days while the vehicle was repaired perfectly by one person in 10 days. Obviously not a total loss.

4. There have been 16 documented and recorded phone calls attempting to settle the claim without success. Not one message resulted in a return phone call including a message left for a manager.

5. On two occasions the USAA reps (I won't call them adjusters because they are not) stated that they are not allowed to call out. Meaning they cannot call the insured.

6. On two occasions (recorded) two different USAA reps made statements concerning insurance and motor vehicle laws in the state where we live that are misleading and false. Contact with both state agencies provided information that was in direct conflict with what USAA stated.

7. One one occasion disparaging remarks were made about the state we live in.

What we have here is a pathetic situation of how to take a reputable company and run it into the ground.

Mr. S Wayne Peacock, President of USAA Casualty and General Lester Lyles, Chairman of the Board the above is what you have for a company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Pros: Frustrating.

USAA Cons: Lack of knowledge.

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I am having the exact issue you are having almost exact except my car was in 4 feet of flood water .my claim was submitted on 12-21-18 and hear it is the first week of march and iaa or iia who is supposed to pick the car up from the shop still has not done so i have sent the title in weeks ago. it took the sub contracted claims adjuster forever to come out just to take pics he came out Feb21 of this year when the claim i made was 12-21-18 and then took the guy another 4 days to get to the shop where they had it go to be taken apart to see how much damage was done by the water.

the guy deemed it a total loss that same day and here it is 2 weeks later no payment no nothing still paying insurance and was told the same as you about being back dated . let me also add that i did not get a rental until 2-21 so i went almost 2 months with no rental paying out of my own pocket. i have every conversation recorded like yourself , and going forward will record every conversation i have with usaa because they cannot be trusted anymore. i've been a customer for 10 plus years and in the past 3 to 4 years they have really gone downhill.

this is supposed to be a thank you for our service? what a kick in the *** I have now consulted a lawyer to protect myself.


Michelle, Good luck and a wise move hiring a lawyer. You may just need it.

For decades they were great but with the new management they are BAD.

My entire family has mover their business to other companies . (Who knows if they will be any better) Not too many years ago they had very few bad reviews but now they are out there by the thousands.


Strange, I have seen NONE of this. What is happening with all of the bogus posts about this outstanding company that has not changed, except maybe for the better.


Excuse me AN, This is not a bogus post as you state. I do not appreciate being called a liar and note the source of such a comment which invalidates it.

I have close to thirty pages of documentation. What do you have to disprove what I say?


Thank you Mike! I have proof in recordings and documentation of their foolishness as well. If you're not careful, they will get over on you.

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