Thats Dr. Terrence Crowley to you.

Fat chance...everything turns into a war these days...

From day number 1 after your insured slammed into the rear of my collector Mercedes 500SL worth 120K,

you've been trying everything you can to rip me off.

From the start I was told I can go to my preferred shop and you'd send me the check immediately.

That was on 5/23/2020. 32 days ago.

Then USAA is an insurance company and wont pay for insurance on the rental, which Ive yet to want to pick up.

Now you think I'm going to turn the title over to you? Ill sue you USAA, Richard Barry and the insured until my car is restored not "puttied up".

You are definitely not procuring anything from me. Period.

The so called estimator Richard Barry didn't do anything at all.


I took all the pictures, went to the shops for estimates, sent him everything and then he plagiarized the West Car Star estimate changed their total and put "Written by Richard Barry" at the top.

He should be fired immediately and I will lobby for that until he is gone.

You've insulted me, my intelligence, my car, and my very existence.

As a doctor I helped people for over 40 years, now you think you can disrespect me to no end?

I sent the preliminary estimate to you so you can notify the adjuster to send the check yesterday or a month ago.

Ill sue you, USAA and the insured and Richard Barry.


Dr. Terrence Crowley

On 6/23/2020 10:49 AM, Title Procurement wrote:




> Coparts Title Procurement team will be assisting with the total loss claim on your 1999, MERZ SL 500.


> We will be shipping documents to your mailing address to process this claim.

It is very important that you read all instructions before completing any documents. Once finished, please use the return shipping label provided to return your packet as soon as possible.


> Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


> Phone: +1 (61*)-612-****

> Email: titleprocurement@***.com


> Please make sure to reference your Lot: 4124**** when reaching out to us, so we easily locate your claim and provide you with the most accurate information


> Thank you for trusting USAA.


> Title Procurement Customer Service Representative

> 14185 Dallas Parkway, Ste B001

> Dallas, TX 75254

> Phone Number: +1 (61*)-612-****

> Copart E-Fax: +1 (56*)-654-****

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

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I'm reading as many reviews as possible. Your experience with USAA just adds more binder to cement my decision in kicking USAA to the curb.

Nothing major has happened to me yet.

However, with reviews such as yours I will be able to avoid a lot of aggravation. Thanks for posting.


With that "Big Shot" attitude, I am sure you will go far at getting help solving the issues.

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