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I was contacted on my mobile AP for fraudulent use of my card after purchasing plane tickets. The plane tickets were 1998.80 euro.

The charge according to my fraud report was 2224.28 USD. That looked about right as the conversion rate for that day on google said 1998.80 euro would equal 2218.02 USD, as banks tend to make a little money on all services I expected USAA's conversion would be a bit worse than google's estimate. HOWEVER, the actual charge on my account was 2233.73 dollars. When asked as to why there was a differentiation between what the fraud account said a company charged me (2224.28) and what USAA was actually subtracting from my account (2233.73) she could not explain it.

Tried saying the one percent transaction fee, ummm, the conversion rate for that day, umm, oh, yes, maybe the fraud department accidentally typed in the wrong numbers. No Ma'am! As far as I know, the fraud department is supposed to be pretty on top of things..... as they are the ones who ascertain wether or not fraud is occurring.

Basically, FISHY. A bank that can't tell me their conversion rate, or where an overcharge happened, or whether they could rectify it, is not one I want to continue to be with.

Additionally, my husband and I paid for a rental car prior to going on vacation. The rental car company conned us and we didn't get the car, we had to go pay for another rental in the airport. No biggy we though USAA will take care of us.

We even had a signed document from the lady who would not give us the rental car (they would not accept our international license as adequate) stating we should get our money back but that she didn't have the authority to do that. Mid way through vacation I started the fraudulent charge process on the pre-paid car that we never received. I was asked for further details, I gave them. Upon returning home I had a message waiting for me from USAA that they denied my claim due to a lack of documentation.

Apparently they had emailed me while on vacation asking for the documentation (but, so sorry, I was on vacation and wasn't checking my emails) and I did not see it until getting home, along with the message that my claim was denied. Additionally, if I wanted to rebut their denial I would have to SEND them my documentation THROUGH THE MAIL within thirty days. Well, ten days had already passed, as I WAS ON VACATION, and now I had to magically send these documents to Texas from Belgium within the aloted time frame!!!?? There was no explaining or reopening of the claim with the SUPER helpful customer service reps on the phone.

SO basically I was out my money, and the bank that once took care of me shut the door on me.

I am writing these stories to let people know USAA has changed. We are leaving.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Banking Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $238.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: La Louvière, Wallonia

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Update to this post. My fraud report stated the fraudulent activity (my plane ticket) was 2224.28.

My PENDING charge was 2233.73. AND GUESS WHAT!? When the charge went through I was charged 2248.60!!! Does no one see that they are literally skimming off the top?

Stealing money from people. This is a disgrace. We are in the process of moving our money. EVRERYTHING.

This bank steals money.

I have he receipt from the airline. My bank charged me completely different than how he airline charged me.

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