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My husband has been in the military for 23 yr and he's about to retire. We decided to buy a home and get the loan through USAA.

We found out just yesterday that USAA don't cover closing cost, inspections, and the homeowners insurance is triple. Compared to other insurance companies. USAA has nothing to offer when it comes to buying a home through them. We found builders Leander would do more.

Like pay the closing cost, supply the house with all new appliances, the intrest rate was the same as USAA. And the homeowners insurance was $200 cheaper.

USAA is a joke we've been with them for years now. They care nothing for veterans or military people.

Review about: Usaa Homeowners Insurance.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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The biggest thing about USAA is their "don't care" policy.

My neighbor does not even live in their "vacation" home, yet has the empty, Never completed construction on their house insured for $650,000.00...... for a $200,00.00 fire trap that is 100% empty.

IF you want to cash in, insure your house with USAA for 1 million dollars, and burn it down. They apparently will write a check on the spot.

Now that's service.

The amazing thing is that my neighbor has bragged about this benefit, and never been caught.

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