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USAA left me homeless, freezing, starving, and with no where to turn!

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USAA is a horrible company.A man broke into a vacant apartment in my building and set it on fire.

It took my home and everything in it. I have loyally payed on time for ten years to maintain a $23,000 renter's insurance policy. My adjuster and USAA's "contracted" vendors have done everything in their power to screw me over. Watching your house burn to the ground is horrible in itself.

USAA has treated me with no compassion, care, loyalty, or concern. They have lied to me, cheated me, and made it impossible to recover from this terrible tragedy. I have been homeless for a year due to their inability to pay what I am entitled to. I do not wish this on anyone.

Do not use USAA services in any capacity.You will regret it.

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I have had a fire and I find USAA very difficult to deal with in general. The adjuster is abrasive and tries to bully. USAA is overrated !


Wow.I had complete opposite.

We lost our home in the September wildfires and had money within three days.

We did not have to itemize what we lost and the coverage was great.I love USAA.

Oakdale, Tennessee, United States #402345

Has your house burned down? If not, you have no way to measure whether or not if their service is top-notch. I thought the same until this happened.


Strange, I and millions of others have found USAA to be top-notch in every way. What is going on?

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