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My brother passed away in March 2017, and had his car financed thru USAA. His wife of almost 50 years was not on the loan BUT she was on his insurance (with USAA).

There was some trouble with his getting the life insurance policy money and with the Payments being kept up on the car. They sent a letter from Mr. Martinez which I an she responded to in August. We told them that the will was going into probate and that we would honor the contract as soon as that happened and they agreed to work with us in order for her to keep the car and have transportation.

They wanted information FAXED to them confirming his death (Which we did), and then the information once we left court. In the interim they repossed the car and would not even tell us where they took it to. They did not even give her a copy of the legal document that authorized them to take the car. All efforts to communicate with them about it are rebuffed with they would only talk to the Executor of the estate which was not known until two weeks after they took the car.

They would not even release the information to his wife of almost 50 years who NOW has no Transportation. Calling and trying to talk to them does no good because you never get a chance to talk to the SAME person twice, so each time you call you have to explain everything all over again and then they say, they will check and to call back and when you do, it is the same run around all over again.

Both my brother and I were Veterans and he went with them because they were supposed to be for people who served our country and their families. WELL BASED ON HOW HIS FAMILY WAS TREATED, IF EVER I AM ASKED ABOUT USAA, I WILL STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT THE PERSON RUN IN THE OPPISITE DIRECTION AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

Review about: Usaa Life Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Entire ongoing ordeal.

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No car payment results in repo. What were you thinking would be different?

to Anonymous #1386287

I was thinking that after receiving the letter and agreeing to send the information they requested after we went to court (they said they could not work with me until I was appointed Executor), that they would honor their word. I (or she) was not trying to dodge the bill or even deny it or get anything for free.

You sound like a shield for the company so please get a life. We are NOT dead beats but just got caught up in bad circumstances. WHAT WOULD YOU DO under the same circumstances Mr.

Anonymous?? At least I am honest with my name and critiques.

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