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Update by user Sep 24, 2012

My apologies: the previous post should read \"posts to God and country.\"

Update by user Sep 24, 2012

Update: I submitted the attached story to USAA\'s Six-Word Life Story campaign that\'s currently underway. I titled it \"Your Auto Insurance Let Me Down.\" I just checked and the post was either removed or never made it on to the website.

Apparently only posts about how great USAA is or one\'s allegiance to Go and country make it on to the page.

Also, I suppose I hit a nerve as I received two phones call from USAA Auto today in which another adjuster lied to me, claiming that her supervisor had called me several weeks ago and I did not return the call. This treatment is disgraceful.

Original review posted by user Sep 05, 2012

Last year I was parked in my car with the door slightly ajar. Another vehicle pulled in to the adjacent space and clipped my car door.

I reported the details to my insurer (USAA), then heard nothing. Called them about a month later to inquire about the case and was told that they had decided to pay the claim--a claim from the other driver's insurance that I was at fault. I went crazy and started yelling at the claims rep. assigned to my case.

She chastised me for not paying attention and "opening my door in to a lane of traffic." I reminded her that I was parked in a parking lot when the accident occurred, but she refused to listen. After this my claims rep. would only call my home during the daytime (when I was at work) to report updates on the case. When I would try calling her back she would never answer, so I was forced to communicate via trading voice mail messages.

As my car was also damaged I needed to get it repaired and USAA dragged their feet in this regard, requring the repair to take much longer than it should have. Worst of all, when I finally went to retrieve my vehicle from the repair shop I was told by the mechanic that I couldn't because "USAA won't release funds; they claim they don't know how you spell your name." Today I was informed by a USAA rep. (via voicemail, left at my home during working hours) that the case went to arbitration and I lost, therefore I'm at fault. At no time did anyone at USAA alert me to this arbitration, nor did any representative from USAA ever ask for additional information to try and bolster my case.

My fear is that they are still wrongly convinced that I opened my car door while I was driving on the street, not while parked. So, I strongly, strongly suggest not using USAA for auto insurance. It's cheap, but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

In fairness to USAA I did encounter one, lone supervisor who was patient enough to listen to me when things were unraveling a few weeks after the accident.

However, she faded away and I have not had contact with anyone from USAA in months. The long & short of this is that I'm now in the process of removing all my funds from USAA accounts (savings, checking, investments) as well as canceling my auto insurance.

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I went through this nightmare just two years ago, they lie and my state insurance department said, file a complaint, and all I wanted was to get better, and have my bills and car paid for and they so tried for months to under cut me, an NO one calls you back just like on their CC Service too. I had a car accident; that was not my fault, and it was just a exhausting overwhelming drain.

Now I am fighting a dispute for a purchase that was installed incorrectly in my home and it was the wrong unit, the merchant lied and violated building codes.

USAA will lose some day big, when they look around and see that the billions they have start dwindling as more and more leave...I am telling every military friend and relative I know; we have two generals, Lt., Col,in my immediate family, and I went to a military college. I am going to post everywhere and warn all that I know. I will be closing out my accounts and both insurances accounts. I also had two identity theft attempts on my card account too.

Let all you know about this...they have terrible customer service, and if their is a way to start a class action I will do it. There are lawyer bullentins I can post on too.


Complain to your state department of insurance, and for good measure file a complaint with the Texas department of insurance (USAA'a home state). It can be more effective than a lawsuit and it's free. Insurance companies hate these kind of complaints because it affects their ratings.


This company is very unethical please report them to The Supervisor of Insurance they take these complaints seriously and investigate..Good luck!!


This is familiar behavior with USAA . Report them to the Supervisor of Insurance they take these complaints's on the web..

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