San Antonio, Texas

A USAA insured pulled out from a private drive and my son hit it. A Corpus Christi Police Officer saw the accident and issued a ticket to the USAA driver.

My truck was totaled and USAA offered to settle the loss for 50% and a few days of rental.

USAA never questioned the witness/Corpus Christi Police Officer and failed to do a complete investigation. The USAA adjuster only wanted to view information that was benefical to USAA only.

I had to file suit, but USAA Claims should be suited also for there failure to view and settle claims fairly.

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wow not suprised usaa insured pulled out of a side street in front of me 2 1/2 years ago i hit him my kids and i and my neice were injured their guy admitted fault and their was an officer at mine also they said i saved this kids life by swerving to not hit him we went through a house because of this guy my kids were hurt to this day not a dime even though their guy admitted fault


Did you hit the car or the house?