A USAA insured pulled out from a private drive and my son hit it.A Corpus Christi Police Officer saw the accident and issued a ticket to the USAA driver.

My truck was totaled and USAA offered to settle the loss for 50% and a few days of rental.

USAA never questioned the witness/Corpus Christi Police Officer and failed to do a complete investigation. The USAA adjuster only wanted to view information that was benefical to USAA only.

I had to file suit, but USAA Claims should be suited also for there failure to view and settle claims fairly.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #1232942

Ussa sucks got rear ended on 3/10/16 and they still have not settled with me.


I totally agree I was t-boned by an usaa insured driver and they didn't want to admit fault even though the other driver was cited and not me (I had the right away) they made the claim to to arbitration and still lost.Yet instead of taking responsibility they wasted 8 months of everyone's time.

Then when it came to medical bills they half assed that as well.Terrible!!


I totally agree.

Nevada City, California, United States #886247

My daughter had a single car accident - the car was totaled.She is fine but has had some ER visits (3).

They told us our car was worth $5000. when they insured it, and was billing us accordingly. Now that the car is history and there's no one to blame, they want to give us $1700. for the car.

And they offered 30 days of rental insurance but then said once they gave us a settlement offer they would only pay for one week of rental from that date. Now I'm really worried their not going to pay her hospital bills.

If anyone reads this and has dealt with this before, please email me!bigfootandlittlefoot@gmail.com


USAA has always been fair to me.On the contrary - I was hit by a Safeco insured person and it took Safeco over 6 months to admit liability (even though their insured hit me while passing me on the shoulder of a highway).

The state police cited him, not me. Anyway - USAA paid their part of the claim THE VERY NEXT DAY.

It took Safeco over 6 month.USAA ROCKS !!!!


I also was hit from behind by a USAA insured driver on 05/29/2011 and was issued a settlement of Total Loss, I also disputed the amount and got the run around until today, 07/05/2011.One of our customers is an Insurance agent and recommended to call back and speak to the loss dept again, but this time to begin the conversation with "To make myself whole" I require the following resolutions etc..

Today when I called & began with this quote, my settlement was resolved over the phone. By using this quote, They increased my settlement amount by $100.00 and added an extra benefit, They issued me a check of $300.00 (Loss of Use Payment), above and beyond the settlement and issued this check today to receive on 07/07/2011 delivered by Fed-ex. It was amazing, so when your dealing with any insurance claim, use this quote "To make me whole".

It sure worked for me.:sigh


best insurance I ever had. no problems with claims


Texas wreck- I was driving my wrecker truck when USAA insured ran a yield light and we collided.As a wrecker driver in houston, basically it is extremely easy to pin something on a tow driver.

at the scene 2 witnesses stated what happened and they were issued the citation and it was recorded in a Harris County Police Report. phones number etc etc. i ended up having to go to a doctor and now the insurance has paid the wrecker company for a total loss but has not paid me anything. this is getting me nowhere to fight with them.

i keep getting the run around. finally i gave up and went to file suit against the insured. still the ball has not started rolling and this is just a pre-warning to anybody out there.

do not get hit by a usaa insured.they suck.


I was rear ended by a USAA insuree.They wanted me to take my car to their appraiser (body shop) The body shop wanted to only "repair" the bumper and not replace it as it needed be.

I then took my car to another shop, which was going to get the car fixed the proper way. I called USAA back and told them that I wanted my own shop to perform the work. They simply said this is what we pay and the rest you're out of pocket.

So am I to expect a half *** job to get my car fixed?Very unfair.

Woodburn, Kentucky, United States #109456

An investigation, really?Lets see the facts that are there.

Your son fails to see the other guy come out of a private drive, which means this is a neighborhood your driving slowly through. In Texas once you put your keys in the ignition you are already at fault for driving! Thats why they call it a no-fault state which has some form of irony attached to it. Anyway.

Your son drove a vehicle onto another persons car, and regardless of the fact that the other person was leaving their driveway, if you hit the rear end of anyone in TExas your already at fault in that state.So, no need for an investigation, because its basically the understood rule of thumb.

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