USAA removed the collision coverage on a brand new vehicle without a full adjustment of the premium and without giving me notice. Discovered the scam when a request for a copy of insurance card be sent dealership

needed to have a free loaner vehicle processed was REFUSED by customer service and when I asked to speak to a Manager was also refused.

This triggered my review of the policy and discovered the fraud.

Cancelled all my accounts with this outfit. These includes both autos and home insurance, Visa and Amex credit cards. But more than a year later, this date they continue to send trash email soliciting all types of insurance from life insurance, property, retirement and offers of rewards on their credit cards.

They owe me a net refund for the unused pre-paid premium of our cancelled insurance policies. Applying the refund to the VIsa using a basic accounting entry of debiting the insurance account and crediting the Visa account and refunding the remaining credit balance would have closed the matter.

But they continue to bill me for the Visa with interests and ignoring the refund to which we are entitled. They are staffed by an Army of Advocates, advocates for themselves, advocates the egregious, adversarial attitude of fellow workers and treats members, customers as easy targets to perpetuate their fraudulent practices.

The operation is a SCAM the organization is a SCAM. Deplorable that they are specially targeting the military, veterans and military affiliated families

User's recommendation: Stay far away from USAA.

Preferred solution: Resolve the accounts balances. Have a classroom instructed and experienced accountant address the accounts issue Cease bombarding me with offers of their products and services..

USAA Cons: Incompetence corruption moronic mentality.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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