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When I was a part of a military type family, I was treated very well. My ex husband and I had a joint account and money flowed it every payday.

Well when my ex decided to wipe the account clean and take all of the money and close it USAA did not inform me that I would be charged for a transfer that could not go through. This was in November. I received no letters from them about the closure nor about a negative balance of almost $800. When I called them to ask why my card was not working for a purchase I was trying to make earlier this year, they told me that I owed them money and had 21 days to pay.

This was in January! The rep told me that they were going over their accounts from the year and caught the transfer and told me it was paid out as an honor system, in her words, "USAA transferred the money in good faith, but now all of your accounts with us are closed." This is total ***! I was outraged! Catching their mistake two months later?!

Do they expect money to float up in the air?

Obviously I did not have 800.00 so I asked if I could pay in payments in order to clear the balance. They told me that it had to be paid in full. My ex has not even been contacted about this fee, I am being sought after for all of it, which I think was ridiculous.

It was a joint account the transfer was done from! They sent it to a collections agency. I have never dealt with a bank like this before. This is unbelievable.

All they care about is the military and who is bringing money in.

If you are a ex military wife who's husband cleans out the account guess what, they will see it as a "domestic issue." Wel, if it's a domestic issue then both people should be held responsible. The woman on the phone had the nerve to say, "well have you talked to your husband about this?" Do not bank with USAA!

Review about: Usaa Account.

Monetary Loss: $785.

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If you are the victim of domestic violence regardless of your service affiliation, do NOT bank with USAA.

After my husband physically abused me and overdrew our joint account, USAA has now put holds on all of MY accounts.

From a standpoint of abuse, USAA is putting my life in danger by cutting off valuable resources and access to cash.

This is despicable.

I really hope that they get to experience the horror that I went through. USAA is a terrible financial institution and if something happens to me because I can't access money, there is blood on their hands.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #888530

How about be responsible for your own finances and not try to screw over service members using their earned benefits. Sounds like a bad breakup and you didn't get what you wanted.


Husband removed money from account so you couldn't take his money, you tried and collected $800 in overdrafts = your responsibility.


Banks do not contact you for overdraft. Not civilian banks, not military credit unions, none of them will contact you. It is up to the owners of the account to always know what is going on. This owner did not know what was going on.

You can tell that the complainer knows very little about real life. She is used to having everything handed to her:

"My ex husband and I had a joint account and money flowed it every payday"

She had no idea what is takes to EARN the money that "flowed" into this account that she happened to be listed under. Did you think the free ride was going to last forever?

to duh Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #584501

I have worked for a financial institution for 15+ years, you know very little about banks. They will ALWAYS notify the account holder if there have been overdraft fees.

They have to, there are situations where mistakes have been made through no fault of the account holder. The fees could be a result of fraud, incorrect charges from a merchant, direct deposit was late, or teller/institution mistake.

Do you know this woman personally? How do you know she's always had everything 'handed' to her?

to Me Madison, Wisconsin, United States #640203

I have banked at credit unions, local banks, large banking institutions and USAA. USAA is the ONLY bank who did not ever notify me of a NSF fees.

Nor on my online account do they signify when the funds came through as insufficient. I had more NSF fees with USAA than any account I have ever had since opening an account at the age of 17. I am now 48. I have closed my accounts with them.

I called numeorus times to ask when the funds came through insufficient and I was basically told, "I don't know"......I sat on hold to talk to a "account lead" who did nothing more than talk confidently but did not resolve or explain the situation. I also had fraud on the account and was NEVER mailed one document to substantiate this. I called twice afterward to inquire and was told, "I am sure the fraud department working on this and will be sending you something." I NEVER got one document. One of the companies who took out unauthorized funds, did it again a second time on a new card.

USAA processed it as if there was never a previous issue. They have never taken responsibility for one issue. I opened the account after reading reviews how there were "numerous ATM locations to deposit and withdraw funds and funds were available immediately after deposit. Well I found the only way to deposit in Wisconsin is to go to a UPS store.

They have limited hours and not all locations use this system. I deposited FEDERAL Government tax checks that had a 7 day hold and released $200 out of $6000. I have deposited a money order, the only way to deposit cash to your account and there was a several day hold on this also. UPS employments were not even aware of this hold of funds when I inquired.

USAA told me that there is print on the back of your check after the transaction is made which tells what amount is withheld.

I would over to show you how TINY this computer generated print IS. You need a MAGNIFYING glass to read it and it is still difficult.



Pulltype, your ignorance of the situation leading up to the closure of the account has led you to write this comment. I dumped my ex, he did not dump me.

I am writing about USA based upon my experience and it is in no way a representation of other's encounters with it. Your attack upon me is brutally said and unnecessary. I banked with USAA for years and was treated with respect until the military member was no longer a part of the account. Maybe you believe that I was someone that did not search for jobs when I PCS'd?

I relocated and could not find work at the new residence and therefore was unable to pay the bills that I was left with along with feeding my family. My ex is the one that overdrew the accounts before the closure, and it was not picked up upon for months after and as a result I am being contacted.

USAA left me with the bill after the account was closed due to the fact that his name was taken off and I was the last person with the responsibility to be left with it.

You were looking up USAA reviews, aqnd came across mine and you disagreed with it. That is great that you searched for other people's experiences with the bank but the bashing of me has no merit.

to KTAnn #832560

the thing is when you open a joint account with someone you are sharing the responsibilities involved and trusting that person. if you left him then why would it take you months to check this account that you all shared the responsibilities for?

just saying.

if you want protection from being affected by someone else's actions you open a separate solo account. in that context you need only invest the trust in yourself.


What kind of *** are you Pulltype? they obviously only care about military people, and if this is the kind of *** that the US military pulls they dont deserve any special treatment and i can see why they're hated worldwide.

Customer service like this is the worst kind of joke, no responsibility for their own actions.

For an overdraft she should of been contacted before funds were transferred, and if its joint then both parties should have equal responsibility to repay. Special treatment for the military is a joke, they already get too much.

to Aeternos Killeen, Texas, United States #629691

What kind of jealous *** goes on to say screw taking care of the soldiers and their families? You're obviously an overly entitled brat with no healthy respect for what's going on around you. Wake up tomorrow and get ready for work inside your own home, eat whatever you want for breakfast, drive to work with only traffic as a delay, do what you like at work, probably not much, then leave and do whatever you want without anyone hasling you about it, sleep soundly in your bed (or wherever you wish) that night, and wake up and do the same thing. Oh wait, you do that everyday. Taking it for granted? Lets be objective. Is there a military occupation force checking your ID and bashing your head because you're in the wrong neighborhood? No?.... Hmmmm... Ok. Are you required to open your home for random searches by anonymous men/women from a whole different country on a daily/weekly basis? No?... Hmmm... I don't need to continue to show you how truly ignorant you sound. If you don't know the meaning of ignorant look it up. More than that, like I said, you sound like a spoiled jealous brat. If you did something great for your country you would be treated well too. You enjoy your freedom because of what me and my brothers do. If the owners of large business such as Verizon wireless, Home Depot, sea world, etc... All the way to small business want to send us a salute for that, what position do you, in all of your dilussion, hold to stand in the way of that? Funny though... If we were all retired you would realize the freedoms this country couldn't protect, feel it at home, work, and with your family, I'm sure you don't have your own, so for you I'm referring to your mommy and daddy, and you would then complain about the preferential freedom that YOU were getting as a citizen under protection of a military, and YOU would still be UNAPPRECIATIVE if in thy hypothetical situation that military were reinstated.

Since you're probly about 18-21 years old you're an adult so I welcome you to travel to fort hood and say some *** like that to me with the same gusto.



With your attitude, I can see why your ex dumped you. Always everyone else's fault.

Lets see, USAA trusted you with $800 in overdrafts. I agree, that was a mistake, but then they were not aware that they were dealing with a loser who expects everyone else to take care of her.

to Pulltype #949760

To all let me just say this. Not all people who serve "deserve" ....USAA doesn't contact you about overdrafts nor do they protect you from the responsibility when it happens because of the joint acct holder.

I bank with USAA because I married a service member, didn't marry him for being a soldier trust me. I tolerated it but hated it. His marriage to the military came before his family and unfortunately he only knew how to take orders from CO not live life on his own, didn't know til after marriage he had horrible credit, owed back taxes h was just a lose using military to look honorable. I didn't "reap benefits of a military wife" he did...by getting BAH n dependant pay, etc, living in a nice apt whereever he was stationed [i co-signed his lease & had all utilities in my name for when he got back from deployment, after all he had PTSD & couldnt live "in a frat house" he said] while I worked 50+hrs a week and took care of his kid & ours in our hometown He " retired with PTSD" and in 3 mos of being home, beat me near to death Was arrested n upon making bail.emptied the account stopped all deposits & continues to overdraw.

I can't close the acct w negative balance, ivr paid it 2xs and they keep letting his auto draft put it back in the negative. I am not paying any more $ for him. Im Still caring for the kids he left.

Not all service member deserve respect. USAA needs to have some kind of policy in place as my credit, that I've worked 20 yrs to get right, is getting destroyed n they're not stopping it from happening.

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