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Like many citizens I have fell into financial hardship due to either hospital or lost of employment.My situation is that I was in the Navy and during my service I was involved in a car accident which resulted in back injuries.

I suffered tremendously but strived to work after to support myself. During my civilian employment as a Veterans Affairs Police Office I endured another vehicle accident, which literally placed me out of commission for my job and aggravated my previous back injury and made it worse. I had to resign from my job that I loved and during the timing I foolishly used my credit cards to survive to pay bills thinking and hoping I would get better soon to pay it off but my condition just worsened. I didn't find employment for 6 years and was in debt tremendously especially with USAA Credit Card.

I admit to my irrationality of usage of funds but and I tried to pull myself back up but wasn't able. Now I will also say that USAA insurance also did me dirty because they refused to pay for the medical bills of 2000 after my accident which I had to pay out of my pocket. My insurance clearly stated that I was covered for medical bills of 50k and more for bodily injury and they defaulted on their responsibility. To get back to the credit card they recently sent a tax form 1099c in 2012 to the IRS and myself.

Now I did my research and called the IRS to inquire what a 1099c was and it was a request for cancellation of debt so in return I submitted a form 982, which the IRS accepted and cancelled the debt and I also got a letter from the IRS to prove everything. Now I had surgery on my back and I am trying to get back on my feet by finding employment and cleaning up my credit I realize that USAA is still claiming collection on the debt they already request and have been approved cancellation on. They also rejected me for vehicle insurance and said once I move my personal items from my storage site my insurance on my personal items will be dropped as well. I use to promote them for the service they have claimed to give to current and previous service members but they are liars and deceitful thieves.

I also had money from my insurance which they place in a savings and they also took that money. It is dirty when someone sends a letter to the IRS to request cancellation of debt and the IRS approves and to turn around and collect on the same debt. I truly call that a dirty scam artist and greed. Our tax money was used against our will to bail out banks and mortgage handlers and I know USAA received money from the Feds and for them to disregard a person for a wrongful act but they got help and still has the ability to make millions yet alone maybe billions off the backs of tax payers.

All I can say is God works in mysterious ways and you will not prevail from your wrong doings. I had a car loan with USAA after my second accident and I paid off the loan a year prior to it was due but they wouldn't take that into consideration. I always paid my auto insurance on time and made sure everything was up to date but they couldn't give me a second chance but our tax money gave them a other financial institutions and vehicle industries a second change. I am now with another insurance company and even though I have to deal with nonsense from them I still pay less than what I was paying with USAA.

I will find a lawyer to fight the fact that they are collecting from the debt they already requested and approved cancellation from. I am advising my fellow military and veterans to utilize another insurance company because there are others who will provide better service and pricing.

USAA are thieves and a true scam.USAA always feed the BS in their commercials and service department how they are thankful to service member for their service to this country well USAA I would like to thank you for the disservice to me and other veterans and current service members you have defecated on.

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I will correct one thing in this blog and it is that they never received money from the bailout. I will stand firm to everything else stated because it's the truth.

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