My wallet was stolen and I reported my USAA Amex as such. Received an account notification that my card info was automatically updated so I may use Samsung Pay while the physical replacement is shipping.

Went to the grocer to buy food, the next morning, and the card was declined each of 3 attempts. I had to tell the cashier my wallet was stolen and I have no other means to pay, and then I had to sit there in front of onlookers and remove food from my bags and leave. I have never been so embarrassed.

I called customer service, and the rep was unable to find the notice left for me in my account inbox. Their conjecture was that it would not be possible, since Samsung Pay would require enrollment of the new card after it arrives. So... To not find a record of a message originating from USAA, and being fed inaccurate rationalization from customer service, I effectively wasted 15 more minutes.

Now I am embarrassed, upset, and hungry. I used gas to go to the store, something else I am unable to purchase until my replacement cards arrive. I wasted time. I'm strongly considering informing myself as to whether declining to activate USAA's card can impact my credit, as clearly in a time of need their information is useless and they DO NOT have my back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Having you wallet missing is a real drag, and the phone rep was correct. Have a feeling the "notification" was a scam and not the fault of the bank.


Notification was from the bank, and only accessible from within their app or site (signed in). Another card notified me this morning that Samsung Pay was activated ahead of the physical card shipping, and I was able to purchase a warm breakfast.

USAA simply sent a notification in an automated fashion that sufficient actions were not taken to make true.

It is feasible, but they messed up. The phone rep was just about as competent as their technical functionalities.

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