Don't know the persons name maybe Megan anyhow she quickly got my debit card fixed! Only took me about a freaking 45 mins+ to get through 1st I used to be able to look up the # and customer service # would come up and jad to go through your recordings which are annoying, but why can't your recording after the list of numbers to punch, just say anything else we will connect to to a rep, and ask if its about bebet, credit or something else and connect you to a representative and be done with the need more info etc I end up screaming REPRESNTATIVE!!

about 3 or 4 times befor she connects me this is not good customer service, it is Customer agitation. Oh and when you first call you have to write what you want in detail then it says someone will get in touch in 3 to 4 business days

Meanwhile I'm sitting in my car cant get gas, can't buy my groceries UHGGG!

can you tell I'm a ( as your online says) pissed off that I need to go through all this to speak to someone when something goes wrong g or whatever is the case. I do not have a branch bank in my area to just stop by and get in person assistance.

User's recommendation: Right now I would not recommend to anyone unless you fix these customer service issues.

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