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I had been a loyal customer of USAA for 26 years and a most recent event in December changed all of that. While driving from California to Arizona, I hit a pothole and pulled my car off to the side of the road, about 25 miles west of Barstow, literally in the middle of the desert.

I contacted USAA as I have roadside assist, & explained that I was between Barstow & Kramer Junction and that I was on a busy 2-lane highway well traveled by tractor trailers. I waited for 5 hours and no one ever showed up. I became deeply concerned since my car was pretty close to the roadway and I was afraid of being hit, so I had to stand outside in the desert while I waited for help. I called USAA 5 times to let them know I was still waiting for a tow truck to show up and they continued to tell me that they couldn't find me.

I then contacted the police as it was getting dark and i was afraid for my safety; and I had asked that they send out a patrol car to check on me. Police never showed up. Finally, a good samaritan showed up & helped me install my donut wheel which shredded within 2 miles and I was stranded yet again. I finally had to call a local tow truck to pick me up and I never heard back from USAA.

The whole incident cost me about $300 and I had asked USAA to pay for the entire invoice based on the fact that they didn't abide by their policy; created a dangerous situation for me; and their response was, our only obligation is to reimburse you for the towing fees. I never received an apology from them, and instead, I received an apology from the tow truck company who was supposed to pick me up and didn't.

USAA has shown themselves to be cowardly, incompetent, and downright dangerous. I will never do business with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

USAA Cons: Unprofessional, Unwilling to apologize and make things right.

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I was with USAA for 32 years. They were great in they early years, but recently it was just one *** after another.

I dropped them and recently they notified me I was going to get my Subscriber Saving Account refund of about $10k.

They *** that up too! I still have not received these funds.


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Cowardly incompetent, no better statement in regards to USAA. bravo nail on the head.

Truly inept company. Oh, Don’t forget their employees as calling in one time, you probably have a talk to all of them because that’s how much you got transferred.


OMG!!! Dead on!

USAA is the most pathetic company ever!!! Wake up fellow Government Brothers and Sisters they will attempt to ***!! I think average IQ to work there is .3. Get a lawyer sue their *** any chance you get!

Talk to Sally, Sally sends you to Rick, Rick sends you to Stan !!! Every Day is a new day at USAA (Useless Service) please I beg you people stay away !!!!

@Soon to. E Ex USAA customer

Leading tree is a nother scam it is hard to stir away when the original mortgage company sells it to these scams artist Mine happened to be Wells Fargo sold to specialized loan servicing If I'm not mistaken didn't wells Fargo CEO get canned for telling there associate to push consumers to apply for credit cards and refinancing of the loans and was not truthful about the terms


USAA has gotten 'too big' to care even a tiny bit about one measley customer. They talk a good game but there are no actions to back up their words.

We need a class action lawsuit - for 'dishonest practices' -scamming customers out of their money. I'm sorry they also showed indifference to your needs.

USAA is ok as long as one never needs their help correcting an issue! We lost $495 in unreversible nsf fees which Paypal admitted causing by sending charges to the 'wrong account', but USAA refused to reverse them - even tho neither USAA or Paypal contacted us that we had a problem until it had blown up to that amount!


Blaming others for your incompetence. Welcome to America.


Class Action just ask those folks in Florida! I suggest everyone sue this {{Redacted}}!!! Let’s put them out on the street !


Dude sounds like an absolute ***...