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Have been members for many years. We have not had to use the auto or homeowner's insurance through claims more than what you can count on one hand. With that said, our insurance increased on every claim immediately. Our insurance costs about 350.00 per month, for auto and we have been members for 36 years. They have made about $151,200.00 on us give or take a penny not to mention the homeowners policy fees. The minimal auto claims always result in a substantial rate increase for three years. We also have been victims of a substantial rate increase on our homeowners policy and we have made only one claim in 19 years for a roof redo because of a hail storm. When I questioned the homeowners increase, I was told that the increase was necessary to support the needs of USAA as a soluble company. Further being told that insurance claims had been made in our area due to the Bastrop fire. What???

I know USAA pays well has great benefits, yadda yadda the policy holder's expense.

Yes I agree, their rates are low from the get go. But make a claim and watch what happens to those rates. The rate suckers theory is an unfair policy in-acted by insurance companies.

Laughingly that isn't even why I am diligently typing in this square box this morning. I am venting because I answered an online satisfaction survey about my experience with USAA and I submitted my displeasure on this survey - a PRIVATE SURVEY, and have received a phone call from the claim's department supervisor whom I had complained about, first thanking me for participating in the survey, then expressing that he wanted to "DISCUSS" my survey. How RUDE! Stalking me USAA? Leave me alone! Last time I checked "FREEDOM OF SPEECH WAS STILL FREE"!!!!!!!!

Can dish it out, but not take it?

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Columbus, Georgia, United States #797776

Your post doesn't make sense.So I will presume that it probably isn't true.

Judge Judy logic: if it doesn't make sense, it probably isn't true.

You have to be fibbing.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #767867

:cry baby

What I find extremely humorous and delectably tempting to do is debate team moronic individuals who "FEEL" the need to coach, give useless opinions, soapbox idiots....if you will, tease my typing on my laptop, not really to answer your post, but rather to humor myself. :grin

Let me explain...

When people post on sites like these, we are ranting, venting, blowing off steam, screaming to the wall. We need no other opinions, coaching, experiences, etc. from anyone, as this post was my own. In a nut shell "DUH HUH - WOW - LMAO - or whatever the :eek your name is. Please keep your :eek ing comments to yourself. I'm good! :grin

PS Hopefully the New Year will bring you more excitement than sitting looking at a screen, commenting on other peoples comments.

OWN THAT Muthe :eek er!

PS>>>>To anyone else reading this post >>>>Just as expected, my insurance went up again, and I received the notice on Xmas eve. Bah humbug USAA. Guess your CEO needed a vacation ...

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to Me Benton, Kentucky, United States #771689

DUH HUH is right.

You're probably a *** anyway.

to *** San Antonio, Texas, United States #771783

Love your name ,)

Ps *** I don't give a :eek what you or anyone else thinks. Bye dumb

to *** San Antonio, Texas, United States #771784

Hey n :zzz how much u gettin paid by Usaa to respond to these reviews? How do I say LAAOOOOOSSSEERRR

to *** Gate City, Virginia, United States #771991

Thank you.

Gate City, Virginia, United States #763068

If you don't care what I know from experience, then how come you keep replying like you do care?


San Antonio, Texas, United States #763025


San Antonio, Texas, United States #762791

Oh I forgot! Self-entitle that where the sun don't shine!

Gate City, Virginia, United States #762771

They weren't suppressing your free speech.I used to work at a call center.

Many call centers and companies take those surveys seriously. Perhaps way too seriously. That is how companies measure customer satisfaction. Therefore, it wasn't private to them.

Maybe they were calling you to touch base with you.

People do get fired for the surveys.

It is *** to lose your job over a customer's opinion.Especially the customers who feel self-entitled.

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