As a member of USAA for over 40 years, I have paid USAA thousands and thousands of dollars in premiums. I have paid USAA thousands and thousands of dollars in interest.

I bought in to the idea the USAA was a full service company that focused on serving military members. I have banked, bought securities, bought insurance, bought cars, financed cars, financed homes, filed claims. You hold over $11,000 of my money in premium overpayments in my Subscriber Savings Account.

I have also watched how you people have come to operate, which is definitely not to serve the best interest of members.

Over the last few years, my disappointment in USAA has only grown. You waste so much money on advertising.

Your phone system is horrific. Why cant you have someone answer the phone? I have literally spent hours on hold, having to listen to shouting USAA!!! over and over and over again.

I dread even the idea of having to call you for anything.

Your website is even worse. Twice now, over two mortgage applications in the last year, I have spent hours repeatedly uploading the same documents, only to be told they are not there, or are not satisfactory. I have emailed documents directly to your people, to no avail. These are ALL documents that you already have access to.

Documents that I have to download FROM YOUR WEBSITE, ONLY TO TRY AND RELOAD THEM BACK IN TO YOUR WEBSITE. The process is as ridiculous as it is frustrating.

I have been threatened and disrespected by your employees. Communications are condescending and outright rude. Over all of these issues, I never, ever, talk to the same person twice.

So, am I very upset with USAA?


The question is, what are you going to do about it?

I would take my business elsewhere if I didnt have everything I own tied up with you people. Was that your goal?

Preferred solution: Apology.

USAA Cons: Lots.

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